What I was wearing: WORLD CHAMPS

We are the worldchamps!
The people of you who know me IRL or follow me on twitter know that I'm only half Dutch, the other half I'm a proud New Zealander (or Kiwi ;)) And this morning we won the Rugby World Cup!
This is what I was wearing during the match.
Due to the time difference the match started at 10am local time this Sunday morning... so I was in the Irish Pub in Tilburg this morning, sipping beer at 10 am...
I was wearing a very laidback outfit;
 love to wear this kind of outfits when I'm travelling or getting up early;
it's so effortless (but so not fashionable...)
One last time: GO MIGHTY ALL BLACKS ;)

I'm wearing:
Arty NZ tee: Global Couture | Training Jacket: Adidas | Harem Jeans: H&M | Grey Skull Sneakers: Converse All Stars

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