Wishlist: Perfect Winter Coat

You might have read it on twitter: I -finally- have internet in my new house! But I still haven't found the time to shoot outfitpics, my life -working, renovating, moving, sleeping and working again- hasn't given me the oppertunity to do a shoot. But I'm going to make that up to you guys, because I have a cool collaboration shoot planned very soon! More on that later!
Well with me moving, all my money is spend on new furniture, paint, and bits and bobs at the hardware store. Thanks to my mum and some gift vouchers I was able to add some items to my closet, but I'm so NOT autumn ready. In my lunchbreak today I stumbled upon this perfect winter coat in the Zara webshop, too bad it's sold out. I want it!

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Photo's: Zara


  1. Oeh, nice :)
    Misschien hebben ze hem nog in de winkel.

  2. How funny - I was looking at Zara online yesterday and was drooling over the same coat for ages!! I love the sleeve detail and the neckline.
    Need, want, want and need.
    Have a fab weekend hun :-)

    Vanessa x

  3. Wauw! Gorgeous coat :)
    it's very elegant. I hope it will be back in stock soon!

    xo Bo

    P.s. have you already entered the Give-Away?

  4. Wauw, heel erg mooi!
    xoxo Karin
    ik volg je nu! Zou je me terug willen volgen?

  5. Wauwie hi is inderdaad mooi!
    Ik ben een beetje lui geweest idd met die linkjes van zalando :P
    Kan je me een comment sturen met de items waarvan je de link wilt hebben? Of wil je ze allemaal haha ?
    Dan zet ik daar de links voor je onder, is ieeeets minder werk voor mij (A)


    1. Hier is de link van mutsje!

      De sjaal was ook van de pieces maar die zie ik niet meer staan op de site! Mocht je hem echt willen kan je hem denk ik wel in de stad vinden :D



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