Men: The Male Arm Party


And now for something completely new! The men section!
Last week I recieved an e-mail from one of my male readers; asking if I could write posts on male fashion.
I ran it past a few of my other male-readers and they also thougth it was a good idea. So here goes, the first "men" post. I wanted to give the male arm party a podium. I love arm party's, and yes: I love a man's arm party! When I was surfing on Asos I came across these male arm party-packs. Easy does it! Just select one pack, and your good to go. Not like us girls, figuring out a new set everyday.
In the colleage I'm showing you my 10 favorite Male Arm Party's from Asos. Yeah, they have an extensive collection! For more arm party's or to order these click here.

Hoping you liked the first Man-article. Is it a keeper? or not so much? I'd love to hear your comments!
And if you have suggestions on specific topics, let me know.

Photo's: Asos 


  1. Ik vind het heel mooi als jongens 'arm candy' hebben, zoals Jack Harries, die heeft dat ook heel vaak.

  2. Leuke twist aan je blog! Misschien ook leuk om Matthijs' mening over de betreffende male fashion erbij te doen?

  3. Ik vind het mooi hoor, bij mannen!

  4. Anonymous27/1/13 20:13

    Leuk! Mijn vriend houd er ook wel van gelukkig ;)



  5. love it!
    I love it when guys wear mismatch bracelet sets like these <3 x


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