Work-Out: In 2013 I will RUN

In my goals of 2013 I told you that I want to compete in two runs this year (read it here). it all started with this photo that was published on the facebook page of Nike Running (here); My face is in that pic! (Try to find me... ) Since the pic says that sweat will be my best accessory, I decided to do so. I'm going to take running more seriously. To make sure that I will I enrolled myself into my first run of the year: running 13 km in may.

 nike running 

So these pics above are actually for me in the first place to make sure that I'll train hard so I can run those 13 km. In the meantime I'm going to post more work-out stuff here; I know that that isn't fashion at all (and this is my fashionscrapbook) but I since it's my personal-blog I hope you'll let me get away with it. And of course I run in style, so technical it IS fashion! More work-out updates, sportswear and inspiration to come! 

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Photo's: by Nike Running Nederland


  1. Great post dear <3 Your blog is amazing!
    Love, Anna


  2. Cool! Ben benieuwd naar je sport tips!!! Kunnen we ook een keer samen rennen :) En misschien is de Mariekeloop ook leuk om eens aan mee te doen...


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