What I was wearing: ...and action!

I had such an exciting day at work yesterday!
As you can see by the photo's I got filmed.
A film- and productioncrew came to make a film about one of our productlines.
I had to do an interview; and shot some impressions of me doing my work; walking in the hallway etc. I have never taken the elevator so often in one afternoon!

In the last photo you see what I was looking at during the interview.
Just imagine this view; but then with 4 people standing there, giving you pointers, lines, tips etc...
It was a really cool experience!
And now for the most important part: the outfit!
I received the callsheet in the late afternoon the day before, and I was not amused to say the least.
The outfit that I planned to wear could be thrown out of the window;
I was not allowed to wear dark colours of prints. That is like 90% of my work wardrobe.
So on the moring of the shoot, I threw this basic outfit together.

I'm wearing:
Black waxed skinny pants: H&M | Basic white t-shirt: Zara | Grey blazer with arm patches: H&M |
Black wedges: Invito

Photo's: by production crew & me

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