Inspiration: Music Festivals 2013

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An annual topic on my blog: Music Festivals! I absolutely adore them... I'm serious when I say I wouldn't mind living in a music festival forever! This weekend we kick off festival season with Best Kept Secret festival followed by Festival Mundial, Rock Werchter (my absolute high light!!) and we finish of with Bospop. I have al ready been stocking up on shorts, tee's and tanks. Downside is that the weatherforcasts absolutely suck for this weekend. So I'll be wearing leggings, knits, gumboots and rain poncho's....

Are you attending any festivals during the summer?

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  1. Hey I go to Rock Werchter as well! :D I confess I'm not that big a fan of festivals (crowd, plastic beer glasses everywhere etc etc...) but I must see Rammstein again!
    Who are you most anticipating to see there?

  2. ohhh yeaahh! festivaaals :D
    heel veel plezier! ik ben blij dat ik weer ff thuis ben maar ik zou zo naar nog een festival gaan! (als ik geld had muhuu) misschien lowlands nog als vrijwilliger hihi



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