New in: Shoe Closet

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Al most a year ago my man and I bought a house. My plan was to work very hard and have it perfect before winter 2012 hit us. Well, that didn't happen. We have our key now nearly a year, but still our list with jobs around the house is endless. One of the urgent items on the list was: shoe closet. Since my shoes were everywhere! I didn't really know how to store them, cause regular shoe racks and closets were too small. I googled and found that a lot of bloggers such bookcases. Such a good idea. So few weeks ago I went to the Ikea, got this cheap-ass Billy cupboard, and tadaa: Shoe closet! Thing is, this one bookcase is actually too small for all my shoes. (by the way I have seen bloggers with at least 3 of these bookcases next to each other!) Since I still have room under my bed and in my closet it will be fine; and I really need to throw out some shoes. I hope to end up with just this one shoecloset, stacked with my favorite shoes.
While I was at it, I thought it would be nice to show you some more of my bedroom. It just very white, light and basic. I'm working on a big piece of wall art (not that i'm so arty... but it's a little bit of prefab art, and a some simple adjustments on my behalf... will show it when it's done!) for above the bed, and then this room is done. I choose not too bother you with my actual closet, since it's just big, made of wood and very practical

Well hope you like the sneak peek into my house. You have already seen some parts of the kitchen (here and here) on the blog before. What do you think about my new shoe closet?

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Altijd leuk om zulke posts te zien :D !


  2. Prachtige kast. Leuke items heb je in je kamer staan. XO

  3. Anonymous8/6/13 19:11

    Super gaaf! Dat wil ik ook nog altijd, maar dan moet ik eerst ook een huis kopen ;)

    xx Riƫlle


  4. I love seeing inside people's home. I really like the way your shoes look and the silver skull. Love it!


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