DIY: Jack Daniels Tanktop


Last year I visited the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium (see here) there I saw Lana Del Rey perform, and she was wearing a Jack Daniels tanktop. I needed that tanktop. Little did I know, these tops we're going to get sold by the dozen in all the webshops. From the first moment I thougth: I'm gonna buy a male shirt, and make my own. In all the webshops these tops are kinda over-prized, and sold-out in a heartbeat. The only thing was to find a cheap Jack shirt. A few months ago I found one at Play.com for only 12 euro's (including shipping & packing!) and the shirt was deliverd in 24h!

DIY Jack before-after

I'll show you what will be the easiest DIY you'll have seen in your life; transforming this male shirt to a nice tank, to wear to the festivals this summer.

You'll need:


DIY jack daniels

Step 1: Find your picture of inspiration. I googled the pics of Lana at Rock Werchter, just to have a basic idea how far down I would cut the armholes.

Step 2: Try the shirt on. What bits do you want to cut off?

Step 3: Lay your shirt inside-out on flat surface, and start drawing with your make-up pencil what pieces you want to cut off. Start with the first sleeve

Step 4: Cut off the first sleeve, over the line I just had drawn.

Step 5: Fold your shirt in the middle, so you can trace round the cut armhole. This way both armholes will end up similar.

Step 6: After this I cut off the collar. Trying it on everytime I decided to cut something off. For the neckline I just traced stitching on the crewneck. I also cut-off the hem the same way. Just following the stitching with my scissors.

The result:

Onlangs bijgewerkt5

The first snap is from the side; I love how the armholes turned out. For the other two photo's I rolled the fabric underneath my bra straps. This is the hot festovallook. The first photo is with normal fit (see the after photo back up in this post, to see what the front looks like. Since that photo turned out tooo blurry. Sorry!).

I can't wait for festival season to start!

Well I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Since I'm certainly not a DIY-Queen, that's why I rarely blog about it. I think this is my second or third DIY-post in the entire lifetime of my blog.
All comments and DIY-requests are wellcome ;)

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Photo's: by My life as Matt & me, editing by me


  1. Wow vet cool! Wil ik ook 1 :)

  2. I really like what you did with this t-shirt, turning it to a top!
    Loved the iPad part :) btw I'm giving away a red cover, I'm eventually just want to give it to someone who cares! I'll tell you tomorrow:)
    And thanks for mentioning where the shirt is from, cause I was looking for one not too expensive for ages!


  3. Leeuk!



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