New in: Naked 2 by Urban Decay

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Guess what my mother-in-law got me for my birthday? The Naked 2! I know, I'm a slow adapter, since it has been out for ages. Nevertheless I'm so happy! The colours are so rich, the texture is great, the variety of colours is perfect. The big mirror is super handy, also the brush that comes with it works quite well. The metal box is an extra cool feature. Since I'm no beauty blogger (I seriously know nothing about beauty, even can't apply my own eyeliner without using a million of cotton tips...) I wont bore you with a product review. If your are interested in a good review let me know, cause I found quite a lot when I was choosing my new eye shadow pallette. My mother-in-law actually got it shipped in from the UK (I think...) since it's not available in The Netherlands right now.

What is your opinion? Do you like the big pallette by Urban Decay? Or rather stick to solo eye shadows from your local drugstore?

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  1. dit palet staat ook al een tijdje op mijn wishlist, hij is echt perfect! xx

  2. Oeh leuk, die wil ik heel graag want ze zijn zo fijn. Nog even sparen dus!
    Liefs, mi-lou


  3. Oehhh, nice! Ik wil 'm ook!


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