The Work-out: Almost D-day! & Blog Poll

Not so charming huh? Well this was me last year at Rondje Tilburg. Sunday is the next edition, where I'm gonna take 13K on. For the people who follow me on instagram (@amysfashionscrapbook) may have seen my injury. Yes I kind f*cked up my ankle. So yesterday eve I went to this Fysio-guy, and Saturday morning we are going to test my ankle, see if running is going to be a good idea. I'll keep you posted.
On a different note I have started a new blogging adventure! From now on I also blog for Tilburg.com, it's in Dutch, so if any Dutchies are interested, get you ass over HERE and read my first blog.

On a last note: I'm experiencing a little struggle with my blog. I want to blog about my whole life, so fashion, working-out, travels and good food. Are you keen for that? Of would you rather see me sticking to fashion and starting up a new blog for working-out? Leave your opinion in the poll I have created!

Do you like work-out & lifestyle posts on Amy's Fashion Scrapbook?
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Thanks in advance, I'll tell you all my plans with this blog (and a possible new blog) very soon!

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  1. Wat leuk dat je voor Tilburg.com schrijft, ik ga het eens bekijken :) X

  2. Ik hoop voor je dat je kan rennen zondag! Succes!!

    X Laura


  3. Anonymous3/5/13 20:43

    Hopelijk kan je zondag meedoen! Veel succes!

  4. Super leuk dat je voor Tilburg.com gaat schrijven. Ik heb in Tilburg gewoond, was een top stad ;-)


    Chicks About Fashion

  5. Super leuke foto ,goed bezig!


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