Diary: If I May

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Wow another month has flown by! Time to show you what I have been upto! First of: I started writing for Tilburg.com. / Next I got my beloved Ombre hair back! So happy with a little more colour in my life. / I sprained my ankle at the end of April, but still needed to run in may. So tape would help me. This way I could run without doing any further damage / and yes! The man and I made it! 13 KM! 

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In the second week I finally recieved the newspaper my streetstyle photo was published in! / Prepping for the shoot with fotografille / shooting! / Mother's day!

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Waiting for the last names to be announced for Best Kept Secret festival, going there in 3 weeks! can't wait! / Selfie before going to the Vice festivalguide launch party! / Vice festival guide launch party, was great! / Drinks & games with friends

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Relaxing, but still with a blanky, due to shitty weather! / Photo's of the shoot got published! / Smoothie time, strawberry it is! / Getting back on track after my injury, baby steps. 

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New kicks!!!! / Getting my new shoe closet at Ikea! And the man was laughing and filming me with this big heavy box... / my new shoe closet in full swing! (still too small, but it's a start!) / Smoothie aka milkshake time! Very into rolled oats and cinnamon at the moment. 

Well this sums up my month! Today I'm going to some redecorating in my house with my dad... hoping project "new house" will be finished before we live here for a year ;) 
Have a good weekend!! 

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