Blackberry Diary: April

Yes I know, I started with Instadiary's months ago, but since I only have instagram on my Ipad, and I'm not Serena Vanderwoodsen, I'm not holding that thing in my hand all day long, everywhere I go. So I decided to  go make a diary with blackberry photo's of the last month. (I know, I should be more consistent with the stuff I post on my blog, but I'm just not a routine kinda girl...).

What are you looking at?
Boyfriend aka my photographer | Healthy fritatta dinner |  Easter #1 | Chai Latte & Bagel lunch with my mum | Easter #2 | Easter #3 at my parents | Watching Rango at my lil bro | Belgian Beer | Gourmet Burger at  a new burger joint in my home town | Pre-B-day Cocktails | B-day Cupcakes | More B-day Cupcakes | Fancy location were I was doing a presentation for my work | B-day card from my lovely family in New Zealand | More healthy food | Waiting for la boyfriend at the fitting rooms of Zara

Safe to say I love food and drinks ;)

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Photo's & Collage: by Me

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