Preview: Lazy Sunday

A different kind of preview! No piece of the outfit is showing; just showing you guys how I spend Sunday afternoon. Drinking a beer with my boyfriend, sharing a box of macarons my mum bought for us and reading Vogue. It was so perfect. Since my week and weekend were so busy, I needed the little chill hour, or two, before I could get right back into my to-do-list. I'm so looking forward to easter weekend: finally an extra day to chill (and work on my blog ;)).

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy Monday!!

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  1. Lang leven de Vogue & Macarones,
    alle bij smaakvol.


  2. Anonymous2/4/12 18:01

    love this cover!

  3. Yeah, I was in Rotterdam two weeks ago when the weather was lovely. Now I'm back in Germany and the weather is horrible here, too.
    All the best!


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