Personal: Go Shorty, It's My Birthday!

Go Shorty It's MY Birthday!
Yes peeps, today is my birthday! I'm gonna ignore the fact that I'm drawing closer and closer to the big 3-0!
Yesterday when I got home from work, these lovely flowers and the most delicious cupcakes were waiting for me. A pre-birthday celebration with my man.
Today I'll be running around making arrangements, picking up the cake, buying beer, cleaning my apartment etc 'cause my parents and the in-laws are dropping by tonight. After that: I'm gonna hit the town old style!

My birthday is always a day of thinking back over the past year. I got to say: it was a pretty good year! I traveled a lot, graduated for my post bachelor Project Management degree, had lots of fun times with my lovely friends, went to some great concerts, and started this blog! What a year! Hoping the next will be even better, but that'll be a though one!

Well I'm gonna run! Have a good weekend!

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Blackberry photo: by me 


  1. happy birthday :)

    the muffins look just sooo yummie!
    enjoy :)



  2. Aah nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag meis! Hoop dat je een leuke dag hebt gehad en veeeel cadeautjes ;)
    Thanks voor al je lieve reacties <3


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