Outfit: Lazy Sunday

As I promised: my Lazy Sunday outfit! And yes: I'm wearing sweatpants on my blog!
I know it's not fashionable, but I want to show you what I really wear; and I love to wear sweatpants!
I used to wear them all weekend long, to the gym, to visit my parents or to go to the supermarket. But I was cleaning my act up, and only wearing sweats at home, until I found these sweat beauties in the Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville. I love them! So now I have allowed myself to wear these sweats outside of the house once in a while!
What is your opinion on wearing sweatpants?

I'm wearing:
Sweatpants: H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville | Sneakers: Nike | Tank top: Zara | Leather Jacket: H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville | Hoodie: H&M | Sunnies: America Today | Scarf: Cotton On (bought in New Zealand)

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Photo: by My life as Matt 


  1. Vind dat zo'n leuke sjaal;)

    xx Laura

  2. Leuk, ik hou van dit soort outfitjes!
    Mooi jasje!

  3. Wauw die jas :| Echt prachtig!

  4. Great pants, too bad it was sold out by the time i've got there.
    Looks great on you!

    xo from www.angielovess.blogspot.com

  5. Wauw!! Wat een super leuke outfit!! leuke blog!
    Ik ga je volgen :)



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