My Favorites #1

Something new on my blog: a few of my favorite things at the moment. Well, it's not totally new, last year I made a post just like this one (see it here). And God only knows how often I'll make a post like this, since I'm not known for my consistency! Back to the post: Spring has just sprung so a few of my fave things: Spring addition!

#1 - Fave Work-Out: Running! Not that I run everyday, but now the weather is better, I love to go for a run outside. Pushing myself to go further every time. For inspiration I read the blog of Girls love 2 run, that motivates me to put on my running shoes. And off course I love to shop for my work-out outfits; love this outfit from Nike.

#2 - Fave Food: Now with spring I love to eat healthy and green. And no; it's not a diet, I just love it! This food makes me feel as good as it tastes.

#3 - Fave Quote: Just believe in your dreams - just in case I forget to do that. I love quotes by the way. See my pinterest board for more quotes. 

#4 - Fave Photography Style: You might have seen it in my latest outfit post, I'm so into Black 'n White photography at the moment. This is quite weird since spring brings sun, and nice colours. But what can I say: I love this pic of Mary-Kate Olsen!

#5 - Fave Nail Polish: Last week I bought two nail polishes of the Holland Collection of O.P.I; My current fave is "did you ear about van Gogh?" which a nude-slash-beige colour. Also love the quality, it's amazing, especially when you are used to cheap crappy nail polishes!

What do you think of my first (okay, second!) favorites list? Want to see this more often on my blog? Or should I leave it for once a year?
Well I'm of for a run on my lazy Sunday. Hope you all are having a good weekend!

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  1. Ik heb geen idee waar die tent vandaan komt! Een vriend van mij heeft hem gekocht waarmee ik altijd samen ga!
    & Je quote vind ik gaaf :)

  2. Wat een superieuke blog. Love your eye for style! En dankjewel voor de verwijzing naar onze website (girlslove2run). Vanaf nu zijn wij je nieuwe volgers!

  3. I love this post! Wish you a lovely week sweetie!:X

  4. Anonymous17/4/12 16:37

    love your blog!
    thats a great OPI collection!!
    following you now!
    would love for you to check out my blog!

  5. Bedankt voor je reactie! ik heb ze op esprinto.nl besteld ;-)

  6. Anonymous18/4/12 15:38

    Heel leuk dit!




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