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As I'm telling you again and again, I'm running. And since I believe that everything should be done in style (or every reason there is to shop: you should!) I clicked some nice traininggear home! Yeah I know it's a little much, because I already have like a whole self in my wardrobe dedicated to sportswear which is seriously jam packed! I work-out a few times a week; so I do need a lot of sportswear.

Well done with all the excuses why I spend a sh*tload of money; what are you looking at:
Black Tank : H&M sportswear | Back Training Jacket: H&M sportswear | Black Tank with print: Nike | Black Element Shield Tight (seriously worth the investment!): Nike | Silver Sports Jacket: H&M | Printed Running Shorts: Nike

As you can see I wear only two brands: H&M and Nike! H&M because it's friendly for my wallet, and you do need a lot sportswear (or doing laundry is one of your hobby's) and pair it up with some quality products from Nike. I have a tight from H&M, which has a perfect fit and is very comfortable, but I can't wear it when  the temperatures are low. I'll freeze my ass off! It's all about mixing and matching.
The only thinng left to do by me is waiting for the mailman for the last items from this list to be delivered!

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Photo's by Nike & H&M, collage by me

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  1. I just bought some new Nike running tights too, their awesome! (although technically I've only worn them in action once so far lol)

    Vanessa x


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