Outfit: Always be Batman!

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Pictureoverload! Since I got so many comments and questions regarding the batman sweat I just needed to post this whole outfit now. (Eventhough I will be late for work now...)
Anyhow: the batman sweat, combined in a Amy-way. I'm wearing this urban-ish style quite alot these days; well on the weekends that is. I love big sweaters, my adidas kicks (they are so warm!) and a leather legging to create some edge to it. These leggings got ripped over Christmas (as some of you saw on my instagram account @amysfashionscrapbook) but I choose not to throw them away. They are old, but so comfy, and the hole makes it a litt;le more interesting if you ask me. (That I'm living on a budget has nothing to do with it ;))
So what are your thougths on the new sweat?
Ps: On a personal note: I just got my tickets for my 3rd festival for this summer! Seriously can't wait! Bring on festival season! Do you have some Summer plans already lined up?

I'm wearing:

Batman Sweat: Asos | Leather Jacket: Trish Summervill Dragon Tattoo collection for H&M | Grey top: Primark | Faux Leather leggings: H&M | Kicks: Adidas | Scarf: The Grey concept for H&M Divided | Beanie: H&M men

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


  1. super vet outfit!!!

  2. Leuk! :D


  3. Je batman shirt!! :)
    Leuk is ie hoor!

  4. Anonymous26/2/13 23:57

    Leuk! gaaf shirt!

    xx Riƫlle


  5. Super leuk Amy je outfit!X

  6. Leuke outfit!



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