Diary: The first of February

Iphone Amy5

A little overdue, I planned this post half way of february; but time has caught-up with me a little too fast! Well, what have I been up to?
- First up Running! I have been enjoying my Nike Element Shield (seriously, the best tight one can get in the winter)
- This cute Happy Phantom toy by Discodip was the perfect present for a little newborn girl!
- Pancakes! Need I say more?
- Insta my man made of me while we we're enjoying this new unknown folk band in a local pub. Love it! (Since it was a "work-night" I choose to drink coke, that surprised everyone... ;))

Iphone Amy6

- In the second week of february I went for more runs! Really getting the hang of it, and it is going better every time. Meet my new shining run jacket from H&M. Seriously; since it is totally made of reflecting material, I look like a little light bulb running around my home-town, underneath the street lights. Not so sure what I think of that fact by the way.....
- Meatballs! Best food in Amsterdam! Seriously; you should check it out when you have the chance. Tip: The garlic chicken meatball, is really garlic first and chicken second...
- Say hello to my new boyfriend... ;)
- Valentine's day... <3

Well these where the highlights of my weeks; next week I'll post the secoond half of February. But if you can't wait, or want to see more pics, just follow me on instagram: @amysfashionscrapbook

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instagram: @amysfashionscrapbook

Photo's and collage by me


  1. Nice! Never heard of meatballs before but i'm going to stop by next time i'm in amsterdam! :)

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  2. Anonymous20/2/13 12:38

    Heel leuk om te lezen/ zien!

    xx Riƫlle

  3. Ahh dat knuffeltje is schattig!

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug


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