Outfit: A Colourful Challenge


Bad blogger, I know! Been so busy with work. And I wasn't too sure about these pics; still not though. Last week I recieved a challenge by one of my readers: wear an all colour outfit. I thougth it was easy, grabbing my red pants and grey sweat. While I was trying it on, the thougth crept to mind, that that was not what she meant. Well I dug up this sweat in my men's wardrobe (which is actually quite nice, I mmay borrow it more often, but then I will pair it up with grey or black).
This Sunday I was facing another challenge: I didn't have a photographer; so I climbed on my terrace and tried out my tripod. As you can see I need alot of practice in the self portrait department; but I enjoyed myself figuring it all out.
So next time I'll do better; but this is all a learning thing, isn't it?
And to be honest... I'm never going to wear so much colour again... it's not my thing!

well off to work now; last day of the week! So busy!
Hope you have a great weekend planned!

Ps: If somebody has a new challenge outfit-wise (or whatever) please contact me; and I'll see what I can do!

I'm wearing:
Sweater: H&M men | Jeans: Zara TRF | Custom All Stars: Converse

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  1. Leuke trui! Ik had heel toevallig van de week ook een BF trui aan! Een mooie paars die lekker los zat! New trend!

  2. Ik hou van colourblocking!

  3. Anonymous15/2/13 17:55

    Staat je heel goed! En ik vind de foto's zeker goed gelukt!


    xx Riƫlle

  4. Ik vind de fotos heel goed gelukt . ik heb wel een challenge voor je a touch of leather . ik wil wel zien hoe je dat stijlt :) btw super leuk outfit xx anouk

    1. thanks voor je challenge! ga ik doen! Al is leer wel een veel geziene gast op mijn blog... laatste tijd maybe wat minder... zal mijn leren jack weer es afstoffen! Thanks!! :)

  5. Great blog! stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna


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