Outfit: Farmer Girl

First of: I'm so sorry for my lack of updates! If you have followed my blog over the past months, you might know that the BF and I have bought a house, which we are renovating. Most of the re-building has been done, and now we are packing up our appartment 24/7. So no fancy outfits, and no new purchases. Poor me! Well I was going through my photo's of our weekend get-away, a few weeks ago, and saw this pic of my comfy outfit; which I want to share with you guys! I was wearing this when we visited a farmers market (yeah, seriously...) good thing was that I could pet all the lovely animals and taste the most amazing liquers and different sorts of cheese.
This friday I attended a gala premier on thed Dutch Film festival (Nederlands Film festival) and you are not going to believe this, but I actually don't have any pics of that evening! (well not of my outfit that is) It was great I was sitting next to all these famouse Dutch people, had such a great time. Too bad I couldn't share it with you guys. Should get an Iphone asap!

Well got to start packing up my closet... Happy Sunday! xx

I was wearing:
Sweat: Zoe Karssen | Leopard Jeans: H&M | Sneakers: Converse |

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Beauty: Newish Hair

Before and after: Meet my new haircut!
I thought the difference was going to be a bit more clear, and I'm also tilting my head in the after picture, so now my hair looks a little longer. Nevertheless I'm so pleased with the result!
My long hair was kinda bugging me, all heavy, hanging form my head. So I have a few inches cut off, my ombre / dip-dye was put in again; and to finish it off: my feather extension.

So yeah, I'm happy with the updated edition of my hair-cut!

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Relaxing with Bob Ross

I finally have my laptop back! And I've just returned from a lovely weekend get-away at the Belgian Coast! Wearing an ultimate relax outfit, sporting my new printed leggings. Everybody refers to them as my Bob Ross leggings, since it's kinda looks like one of his paintings.

I'm wearing:
Printed leggings: H&M trend | Grey oversized sweater:  H&M | Sneakers: All Stars | Necklace: fashionology | Sunnies: America Today
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