Diary: Having Fun in April

Iphone Amy13

Time flies when your having fun! Well that sure was the case in April. I know, April is still full on (and I'll be posting heaps of pictures on instagram, so you'll know what I'm upto.) Back to the last few weeks. Wow what a months! I went to my first blogger event, hosted by a CreamPR, it was my birthday, we had sun, and I was running alot. 

The USB card we got at CreamPR / Another run done! / I got this fashionology ring from the sweet Cindy from COTTDS. / The men and I went to a concert at 013.

Iphone Amy14

More working-out: Spinning / I worked in our garden. It still looks kinds winter in this pic / The sun has returned / Some new decorations for our house

Iphone Amy15
More running! Finally lapped the 13 km for the first time, in this 3rd week of April. / New pillow, looks like cute little Zipp, the dog of my in-laws. / Mini me! Running around in New Zealand / It was my 29th B-day! 

Iphone Amy16

The last week of April I started with a run / On Tuesday the man and I went for a long walk after dinner, love spring in the city! / Look at this sky! We were enjoying our dinner on our rooftop terrace! / Oops, new Nike Running shoes for the man and me! 

In this last weekend of April some great things are planned; also Queensday (for the Dutchies) is upcoming in these last days. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date! (@Amysfashionscrapbook) 

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! 

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Outfit: The B-day Outfit






The b-day outfit! In the last post you could see what goodies I baked for my high tea, but more important: This is what I was wearing! I got the dress from the H&M New Icons Collection. The dress wasn't on my wishlist (here) but when I saw it in the store, I loved it! I can wear this to the office with a white blazer on top, and still feel that I'm wearing something different and outstanding compared to the black suits. I popped my new white faux leather sleeveless bikerjacket on top. Had been searching for this one for ages, my size was sold-out everywhere! And I didn't want to get a larger size. The bottom part of my outfit are my ususal suspects: leather leggings and sneakers. Since I was running around all day preparing the High Tea and pouring drinks, some comfort was legit. 

Well it's Friday today! My favorite day of the week. Well that is because I only work 4 days a week, have my day off on Friday. Now I can really work on the blog and do all the other stuff that I couldn't fit in my weekend. Feel's so much more relaxed, I can really recommend it! I have a really full agenda today, and some interesting appointments for the blog, but more behind the scenes stuff (so interesting for me, not so much for you are a reader though). 

Happy Friday! 

I'm wearing:
Biker vest: H&M | Dress: The New Icons for H&M | Leather Leggings: Zara | Sneakers: Converse | Necklace: Lott Gioielli (my b-day present for my man!) | Rings: H&M | Leather bracelet: H&M men

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Personal: Go Shorty it's my 29th Birthday!












Picture overload! This Sunday I turned 29, I know: 29! My last year in my twenties. I had a great party with friends on Friday eve; no photo's of that party tho. All to do with morals and not too much booze on my blog ;). Saturday I spent with my man relaxing and going out for dinner. On Sunday, my actual birthday, I gave a high tea party for my parents, parents-in-law and my sister-in-law. In the pictures you can see what a colourful feast I created. This also is a first sneak peak in my house for you guys. The funny fact is that I actually hardly have any colour in my house; this is what a few tablecloths and flowers can do. 

Hope you like it. 

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Photo's: by me & MG


New in: SOYL



So sorry for the blog silence. But it was my birthday! But that I'll talk about that later. First I want to show you a new online shop that I discovered recently. Story Of Your Life or SOYL for short, is  a cool jewelry brand, which has the cutest little bracelets and necklaces. I choose these two lovely bracelets which are a great edition to my bracelet collection. Also the packaging is really cute, love the nice quotes printed on the card. 
What is your opinion on this webshop? You like? 

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Wishlist: B-day #29


Go, go, go shorty.... Nah! I'm a little early. My B-day is this Sunday, and yeey, I feel like a little kid. Planning my party's as we speak. (yeah, par-ties! 1 with friends, 1 with my man, and 1 with my family, spoiled little girl!). Well the hard part is that this is my last 20-something birthday... I'm turning 30 next year. No sh*t. Well back to this year, since I first have to actually turn 29. 

On my wishlist this year: 
Chanel Le Volume Mascara / Nike Air Max Premium Fall/Winter 2012 (yeah I'm a slow adapter!) / Zara Lace-up Heels / Infinity Bracelet / Naked 2 Eyeshadow Pallette by Urban Decay (again: I'm a slow adapter) / The dvd of The Perks of Being a Wallflower (yeah for being an early adapter on this one ;))

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Outfit: Monday Eve






Monday evening my man and I went for a big walk after dinner. I decided to bring the camera along, but the first day of hard-work after the weekend is not good for my looks, so it seems. Sunday I had run 13K, so monday I wasn't going to work-out, but since the weather was so good and I'm kind of a restless soul, this big walk happened. Walking around our new neighbourhood, I love it.  Yesterday eve I lapped 13K again, so proud of myself that I have it in me. Althougth my theory is that everybody can do it, it's just a matter of really trying to. The only down-side is that I hardly have anytime to blog in the evenings when I'm running around Tilburg city, so I'm writing this post while I'm enjoying my breakfast. 
Last day of work for me this week, how I love my 4-day workweeks. After nearly 4 years of 40+ hours, this is pure luxury (and most of my free day goes to the blog, but that's mighty fine!). This weekend is my birthday weekend, so excited! 

Hope you all have a lovely day! 

I'm wearing:
Coat: Mango | Tee: Zara | Grey Top: H&M | Jeans: Zara | Sneakers: Converse | Necklace & Bracelet: Fashionology | 

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The Work-out: The #bikinibattle Challenge


As you might know, I run. And one of my new years resolutions is that I take running more seriously. I am.
Dude, I have been running. I have joined the challenge set by the lovely ladies of Girlslove2run: The #bikinibattle.

Well I'm half-way through April and I have to say, it's not going as well as I though it would go. Usually I'm really dedicated when I have rules to live by, but now not so much. Yeah I do run, I run twice a week. I do at the very least one work-out a week, but I compensate the other work-out by walking on my lunchbreak every day (yeah, at least 30 min. of walking every day). So that's all good. But it's the candy. The candy. 
I didn't realize how much crap I eat a day! Yeah, my breakfast and lunch are super healthy, but then when the clock marks 4PM... and a colleague ask you if you want some winegums... Or last week when I bought chocolate because I just needed chocolate. And in the evening: watching Game of Thrones with my man, drinking a cup of tea, and eating a big iced cookie (for the Dutchies: Roze koeken!!). Yes, I defiantly need more focus in the food department. 

We already established that the frequency of my work-outs and runs are okay. But there is another challenge! I didn't just join this challenge to wear a bikini this summer. Since I haven't booked a holiday, I'm not too concerned about my bikini-body at the moment. So there is another reason: my personal challenge. Just after the end of this month, on the 5th of May to be exact, I'm competing in the 13k of "rondje Tilburg" (for the non-Dutch: The Round of Tilburg, which is my home town). When I entered this competition I could hardly run 3k. In two weeks time I have to run 13k. Last Sunday I finally hit the 13k mark. I did take a little break after 5k, cause I really needed to use the bathroom and drink a glass of water. But after 15min break I was back on track. I added another 0.5k to compensate though.... not sure if that had any effect, but I like to punish myself in that way (yeah, I'm weird!). 
So the plan for this week is to run the full 13k in one go; not sure WHEN I'm going to do that. With my B-day weekend starting on Friday, and lasting all the way up to Sunday evening, I don't know how I'm going to plan that. Since I'm working the whole week, and making arrangements for two party's. Oh well, guessing there are bigger problems in the world. ;) 
So follow me on instagram (@amysfashionscrapbook) to see how my challenge is going. I can tell you one thing: I'm sure I'll be having candy (& beer!) during the week this week. 'Cause what's a party without cake? It's just a frikin' meeting! 

Ps: I forgot all about the water drinking part! Well save that for next time :)

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Photo's: by Nike & Girlslove2run


Wishlist: The New Icons




The new Icon collection is now available at H&M, and how I love it! 
I'm totally in love with that leather jacket, but since I'm still pretty satisfied with my Dragon Tattoo Leather Jacket (here) and I don't have that kind of money to spend at the moment, I'll just pass. The skirt in the second picture is just perfect, but sold-out unfortunately. Last but not least I would love the black shorts. So I'm going to my local H&M later today, hopefully I'll come back with those shorts. Perfect for festival season! 

What's your opinion on the new icons line of H&M?

Happy Friday!

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Photo's: by HM.com 


Outfit: Dark Leopard





I just love dark colours! Another weekend outfit, totally my style. Wearing my new grey leopard pants. I'm so glad that the sun is finally returned, so now I can wear my quilted bomberjacket again. I totally love it. 
The weather forcasts are really good for the upcoming weekend, I can't wait! I have another day at the office a head of me. Yeah I'm one of those lucky bastards who's weekend starts on Thursday eve. 

What are your weekend plans? Are you going to enjoy the sun, just like me? 

I'm wearing:
Bomber Jacket: Dept | Sweater: Zara | Pants: H&M | Sneakers: Converse | Fringe bag: H&M | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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Search of: The Perfect Nike Air Max


Nike Air Max; you either love them or hate them! I'm searching for the perfect Nike Air Max for some time now. Well maybe I had to get used to seeing these sneakers around again; they have this 90s vibe, and weren't always that acceptable in society. I know that I begged for months a pair of Nike Air Max, but I ended up with the Nike tennis shoe, which was better suited for nice little girls like me, or so my parents thought. Well at the time my parents were right though. But now I want a pair of the bad ass retro sneakers. I seriously can't choose!
Via blogger Lovely by Lucy I found this great webshop: Titolo! They have really great limited edition pairs. I haven't ordered anything yet, so I can't say anything about the service.

What's your opinion:
Do you like Nike Air Max? If yes, which pair is your favorite?

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Photo's: by Titolo.ch


Outfit: Ray of Light






The sun has returned! And I'm so glad! This is what I was wearing last Saturday. I know that this outfit is very similar to the last one (and not to alarm you... but I have shot my Sunday outfit, and yes... it's kind of the same. Sorry!). Well back to this outfit. I love to wear my leather leggings and sneakers on the weekend; I mean is there anything more relaxing than wearing a casual outfit, while strolling in the city with the sun shining? 

I'm wearing:
Leather Jacket: Trish Summerville Dragon Tattoo Collection for H&M | Blouse: Primark | Leather Leggings: Zara | Sneakers: Primark | Scarf: The Grey concept for H&M divided | Necklace: Fashionology

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Wishlist: Bikini Shopping


My birthday is coming up in two weeks, and I have this little tradition that I buy a bikini at the H&M with one of the giftcards I recieve. Yeah, I get H&M giftcards every year. This is the first year though that I can't find anything I really like. I have selected the above two, still deciding which one it is going to be.
I really like the second one, but it has this "granny's underwear" vibe to it, which keeps me in doubt. The first one is just a simple, bikini for swimming and tanning at the local lake.

Can you help me out? #1, #2 or none?

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Photo's: by H&M


Outfit: Dark at Easter





What I was wearing last week during Easter. This post was supposed to be online much earlier this week, but I couldn't restrain myself in sharing the pics of the CreamPR bloggerevent with you. So Easter... very different to last year. See what I was wearing back then here! I was a little under the weather, so very uninspired that's what freezing cold weather and a actual cold does to me. Thank god that the sun has come back today. (Only thing is that I went out to shoot outfit pics the morning, and today's outfit has a lot of similarities with this one.... but you'll see that later). 

By the way what do you think of my fake Vans? Got them at the Primark when I shopped the summer goodies which were on the blog earlier (here). The quality isn't great (duh! what can you expect for 8 euros... yeah you read that correct!) they are very comfy, but the sole shows traces of wear already. But perfect enough for one summer of festivals I reckon. 

I'm wearing:
Leather Jacket: Trish Summerville Dragon Tattoo Collection for H&M | Jeans shirt: New Yorker | Scarf: The Grey Concept for H&M divided | Grey tee: Primark | Sneakers: Primark | Rings: H&M

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Event: Bloggersevent #CreamprDIY


As I told you in my last post I traveled to Amsterdam last Tuesday to attend the bloggerevent at CreamPR. Here is my full report on this event. 
(by the way: I want that coatrack in the background of this first pic!) 

poseren streetstyle

I arrived in Amsterdam quite early to meet up with fellow blogger Tali from Rock My Heels. But before we had a chance to meet and greet, we were spot by a streetstyle photographer for the AD which is a Dutch news paper. 


Afterwards we went grabbed a coffee and made our way to the venue. The bus was packed with bloggers, lots of people I recognized from the internet. Quite weird to all see them in real life. 

bloggers will be bloggers

At the venue I met the lovely Jenny from RocknRoller, she is one of my favorite bloggers (check out her youtube channel by the way!) and lots of other bloggers. CreamPR had organized a great night, with lots of activities. I started of styling an outfit, of which you saw the photo's in my last post. 


Next up was creating a necklace at Fashionology. I choose the most lovely eagle-like pendant, with a blue stone in the center. Will show you in an outfit really soon. (Or go to my instagram account, and check the photo's @amysfashionscrapbook). 


van Haren

Next up was Van Haren. We got the opportunity to DIY a pair of heels. Since I'm not such a colourful person I choose to keep it simple. 

winde rienstra en bloggers

We got the chance to ask Winde Rienstra questions. She is designer, with beautiful extravagant shoes. They are amazing. My last two stops were Hans Anders and Kiboots. Had lovely a chat with the people there, and checked out the new collections. Some great things are hitting the stores!

jenny tali en ik_2

At the end of the evening, a pic with Jenny & Tali. I'm looking so tired! Was thinking about not posting it, but I couldn't restrain myself. I had a great night, but I know that next time I'm not gonna go to the office for over 6h before I leave for Amsterdam.
Thanks to CreamPR for organizing a great night and take such good care of us (Food!!). 

I was wearing:
Blazer: Zara | Black Tee: Cos | Grey Tee: H&M | Dogtooth Jeans: Asos | Shoes: Sacha | Bag: H&M trend

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Photo's by Tali & Me

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