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As I told you in my last post I traveled to Amsterdam last Tuesday to attend the bloggerevent at CreamPR. Here is my full report on this event. 
(by the way: I want that coatrack in the background of this first pic!) 

poseren streetstyle

I arrived in Amsterdam quite early to meet up with fellow blogger Tali from Rock My Heels. But before we had a chance to meet and greet, we were spot by a streetstyle photographer for the AD which is a Dutch news paper. 


Afterwards we went grabbed a coffee and made our way to the venue. The bus was packed with bloggers, lots of people I recognized from the internet. Quite weird to all see them in real life. 

bloggers will be bloggers

At the venue I met the lovely Jenny from RocknRoller, she is one of my favorite bloggers (check out her youtube channel by the way!) and lots of other bloggers. CreamPR had organized a great night, with lots of activities. I started of styling an outfit, of which you saw the photo's in my last post. 


Next up was creating a necklace at Fashionology. I choose the most lovely eagle-like pendant, with a blue stone in the center. Will show you in an outfit really soon. (Or go to my instagram account, and check the photo's @amysfashionscrapbook). 


van Haren

Next up was Van Haren. We got the opportunity to DIY a pair of heels. Since I'm not such a colourful person I choose to keep it simple. 

winde rienstra en bloggers

We got the chance to ask Winde Rienstra questions. She is designer, with beautiful extravagant shoes. They are amazing. My last two stops were Hans Anders and Kiboots. Had lovely a chat with the people there, and checked out the new collections. Some great things are hitting the stores!

jenny tali en ik_2

At the end of the evening, a pic with Jenny & Tali. I'm looking so tired! Was thinking about not posting it, but I couldn't restrain myself. I had a great night, but I know that next time I'm not gonna go to the office for over 6h before I leave for Amsterdam.
Thanks to CreamPR for organizing a great night and take such good care of us (Food!!). 

I was wearing:
Blazer: Zara | Black Tee: Cos | Grey Tee: H&M | Dogtooth Jeans: Asos | Shoes: Sacha | Bag: H&M trend

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Photo's by Tali & Me


  1. Wat een leuke foto's! Het ziet er echt uit als een gezellige avond :)

  2. Leuke outfit! je ziet er goed uit! :D


  3. Anonymous5/4/13 18:15

    You look really nice, love the pants :-)

    You have a lovely blog, I have a fashion blog too, if you want to have a look at it, it would be great! :-)

  4. Anonymous5/4/13 19:56

    Leuke foto's! Ik was ook uitgenodigd, maar ik kon niet helaas! VOlgende keer ben ik er zeker bij!

    xx Riƫlle


  5. Leuke foto's. En leuk om uitgenodigd te worden voor zoiets.

  6. Leuke post heb je er van gemaakt!Geen wonder dat ik je niet zag dat jij het was
    jij ziet er steeds anders uit,nu ook weer op de foto s!
    Ik had ook geen tijd om met andere even te praten helaas,moest nog naar andere events! Ik kan ook geen gezichten onthouden,ik heb me wel eens 3x voorgsteld aan iemand!Zit denk ik in de genen ,mijn ouders hebben dat ook!
    Maar super leuke outfit,je word ook steeds slanker!!Fijn weekend Amy!xx

  7. Mooie fotos;) xo anouk www.rockthiscocostyle.com

  8. Ziet er echt super leuk uit!!


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