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The last day of 2012! This year has flown by. And what a year it was for me!

New Zealand
I was travelling around my other (yeah, I have two nationalities) country: New Zealand at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. We had such a great time! Roadtrippin'with my favorite ally. In that time I couldn't update the blog (okay, I choose not to) so this photo overview starts when I just returned: Tanned, blonde and carefree.

We Bought a Zoo...
No we didn't buy a Zoo, but we did buy a house! In July all the paperwork was in order, and we could start the big big renovation. While I'm typing this, we are still in the middle of making our house a home. Most of my vacation the past week, was spend buying a heater, hanging up lamps etc. This will be a goal for 2013: finish the house :)

The blog
Because of these two milestones in my life last year, I wasn't such a good blogger from time to time. So I'm so greatfull that you guys are still following me. Thanks for the support!
The only positive side is that I didn't have so many outfit to choose from for my overview. But it still was a hard choice! I was going to say that I had to wear more heels and skirts. But when I see this overview I think  I did pretty well. Heaps of skirts, and enough heels. (I mean I'm still a sneakers girl in my heart).
By the way: if you want to see ALL my 2012 outfits: check out my facebookpage.

Thank you again! Hope you all have a great party tonight!
I wish you all the best for 2013!!

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Outfit: Comfy At Last


My last outfit post of 2012! Choose to share an outfit that is totally me: grey, comfy, bikerboots: me!
Something I would wear sale shopping (see that here). Today I have been making my 2012 recap, that'll be on the blog tomorrow. I'm waiting till the very last day of 2012 to air it, just so it feels extra special. :)
Back to the outfit, new is the quilted bomber that I got a sample sale. I wasn't sure if I should get it (the boy hates it!) but since the winter is so mild, it's the perfect jacket to run errands in. It shields me from the rain, has pockets and is so on-trend right now.

Tomorrow it's New Years Eve! Have you got something sepcial plannend? I sure have... still not sure what I'm going to wear. Tips anyone?

I'm wearing:
Quilted bomber jacket: Dept Denim Department | Sweater: Zara | Top: Zara | Jeans: Asos | Bikerboots: Zara

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Outfit: I'm a Geek

The readers who follow me on instagram (@amysfashionscrapbook) had already seen that this lovely Geek shirt was lying under my christmas tree! I had  such a blast, and got spoiled big time! I'm still meaning to do a christmas gift post; but as you may have noticed: my mind has been on other things then blogging! I finally have a vacatione from work, which means that I'm running around doing all the stuff I should have done in the past year. Like switch my health insurance before the bell tolls midnight on new years eve... work on my house. I even crawled under my house yesterday, I mean: this house ownership is getting some good dedication out of me. Yes, I know: I sound like a Geek at the moment, hence the shirt.
I have heaps of inspiration for new posts, just no time to make it all. Stay tuned though, I promise to make some of my idea's work!

ps: did you read my post about the sale? (here) How are you getting on? Curious te see what you scored in the sale!

I'm wearing:
Geek tee: Topshop | Necklace: H&M | Printed Jeans: H&M

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Sale Shopping Tips

Today I spend hours with the lovely Evelien from the blog fotografille at my favorite coffee place in the city. We talked blogs, our lifes etc etc. She gave me tones of inspiration for my blog. Thanks Evelien.
And I thought why not start right now? As an experiment I'm posting this first post with my tips or my opinion on stuff I see, read, feel or taste in the fashion or blogging world.
So I hope you guys are in for a little reading from time to time.

After my lovely afternoon with Evelien I went to check out the Zara sale; and found it overwhelming. It was so busy, a big mess, long lines. Typical sale shopping. So since I believe that "sale shopping" is one of my competences, I am going to treat you to my top 8 sale shopping tips!

Sale shopping, it sounds so easy. Everything you saw last week, on sale. But you must keep your cool, because penny-wise could turn out to be pound foolish if you don't think it through.

Tip 1 - Make a list
To make sure you only buy what you need ( I know, the word "need" has a nasty ring to it, but you know what I mean), or what you can use. Before you go sale shopping, either online or in the shops. Stand in front of your closet and figure out what you need, or what you are going to hunt.

Tip 2 - Set a budget
I don't really like budgets; but they work quite well. How much money do you want to spend. Use your list, so you can make a price range for what price you want to get what item. In that way you can determine if you want to wait another week for further reductions or not.

Tip 3 - Online shopping vs. Store shopping
This tip has a lot of pro and cons. I like to do both. Online shopping is so comfy, but cane be stressfull. Yes stressfull! When you shop at the H&M sale, you have to make sure to find the items you really like go through the check-out procedure. And then go back for the other items; because items can get sold-out in your basket while you are deciding on which socks you should get.  This is how I got my MMM x H&M sale buys (see here). Just in case you didn't know this: if you shop at H&M online more then once BEFORE H&M has sent you the notification that they are wrapping up your order; all your items will be put in one order; which mean you'll only pay shipping costs once.
The downside on online shopping is that you can't try it on, so it's a good thing if you know how the sizes are of a particular brand. These downsides are the upside of Store shopping. Once you have your hands on an item; no-one can snatch it from you. Also you can feel the fabric and try the sizing.

Tip 4 - Store shopping: wear easy clothes
It sounds so simple, but seriously: wear easy clothes when you are shopping. You'll changing alot. Sample sale shopping is another deal, I'll post a tip-list on that another time.

Tip 5 - Store shopping: wear flat shoes
Wear flats without laces. We all know that moment: arms full of clothes; and there are the perfect shoes. How are you going to try them one easily? Right: wear flats, slippers, ballerina's. Every shoe that slips on and off easily.

Tip 6 - Store shopping: Solo vs. duo
I'm not such a social person when I'm out shopping. I mean: really out shopping. The best shopping I do when I'm out alone. You can give it your full attention. Think about this, before you drag your boyfriend into the craziness of the zara! Downside is that you'll the lonely girl at the coffee place (but who has time for coffee when the sale is on...?)

Tip 7 - Do the Check list
So you are going to buy this one item (or these 7 items) do the following checklist:
 => Is it on your list? a.k.a: do you need it?
 => Would you buy it for full price?
 => Would you wear it next season?
 => Does it fit in your budget?
I'm not saying that you have to answer all these questions with yes. But you should think about it.

Tip 8 - My motto
A few years ago I got this birthday card from a friend which said: "When in doubt: Buy it!" This will sound rather odd, but this does work for me. I have done some of my best buys, by buying in doubt. Well I don't recommend to do this on a regular basis. But if you buy one item per sale (as in sample sale, seasonal sale) you'll end up with some un-expected nice variation in your closet. But whatever you do: always use your head!! I'm not accountable for big expenditures on stuff you'll never wear.

Well these are my tips for maximizing your chances in the sale. Have fun girls!!

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Outfit: Maxi Oversized

My boyfriend hates this outfit... so if you are not a fan: I understand! But I love everything oversized. The bigger the better. I was thinking to call this post: Big girl. Because I look so small in these large clothes. 
The sweater I'm wearing is from the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collaboration. It's big, it's cashmere. It feels so rich.

Well last day of work before we close up for Christmas! Seriously can't wait to sit back, relax and spend quality time with my loved ones!

I'm wearing:
Maxi Sweater: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M | Boyfriend Coat: Mango | Tregging: Dept Denim Department | Sneakers: Converse

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Preview: Maxi Oversized

Preview of my next outfitpost; a dark and maybe even gloomy pic. The title "Maxi Oversized" says alot about the outfit I'm wearing. Any ideas on what I'm wearing?

Have a nice evening!

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Outfit: MMM x H&M Sock Sweater

As I told you in my last outfit post (here), my co-workers might say I'm a fashion shizo. Well they did say something along those lines when I turned up in this outfit. I love to wear skirts, but some reason I haven't worn one to work since summer!
I wore this last friday, since I had a special event to attend. I wore my MMM x H&M sock sweater, love it; but it would be good if I worked-out a bit more; because it is so figure hugging. Can't hide a thing. 
Paired it up with my H&M trend skirt and of course my invisible heels from MMM x H&M; of which I received a lot of compliments. 
What do you think of this outfit? 

Have a nice day! 

I'm wearing:
Sweater: Sock Sweater Re- edition Maison Martin Margiela for H&M | Skirt: H&M trend | Tights: H&M | Invisible heels: Re-edition Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

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Wishlist: The Christmas List 2012

Yeah, I know: I'm late with my christmas wishlist! But time is just flying by! I can't imagine that we'll be cellebrating christmas in just a week! I have to start my christmas shopping. The boy and I did some shopping in London, so a few things on this list are already under my tree. Not telling you which ones just yet. One thing is sure: the Isabel Marant sneakers aren't under my tree yet; so this is my new tactic: ask cheap things, so that they only big gift on your list is that one designer item you want. Not sure if it will work though!

For now: what's on the list?
1 - Iphone Game Boy case - I used to have this old skool model game boy! (via Play)
2 - Isabel Marant sneaker - pure love (Via Mayke)
3 - Leather gloves (via H&M)
4 - OPI Jams Bond Live and Let Die (Via ASOS)
5 - Candle - perfect for my new house (Via H&M)
6 - Jamie's 15 minute meals - ideal for my busy life - (Via Bol)
7 - Geek Tee - love it! (Via Topshop)

Well had a great weekend, (follow me on instagram @amysfashionscrapbook to stay updated!) More on that later. For now: Enjoy your Sunday eve!

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Outfit: Knitted Zebra

An outfit I wore this week! Yeah, I know I said I couldn't take outfit pics during the week; thank god I found a way to do it at least this one time! Since it's nearly christmas holiday's (and I'll have my first week off in nearly a year!) I'm working long hours at the office to get everything donw in time. So on the days that I'm not meeting with clients or management, I tend to wear  realxed outfits! This is one of them. (By the way: you should see me today, all dressed up, heels, mini skirt, because I have to attend an event of a product that I have worked on... my co-workers will think I'm fashion schizofrenic or something)
Back to the outfit: wearing my mango sweater, it's so warm! Good for these cold December days! And my re-discoverd parka, which I got on sale last year. I found it at the back of my closet when I was packing for London, haven't taken it off since! It has a sheep skin layer in it, so warm and comfortable!

Well I'm off to work! Happy Friday!

I'm wearing:
Zebra Knit: Mango Kate Moss collection | Parka: Zara TRF | Jeans: Zara | Bikerboots: Zara | Beanie: Zara | Scarf: the grey concept by H&M divided

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New in: Never seen before (on my blog...)

It's no secret that I work fulltime, so can't take outfit pictures outside with daylight during the week. In the winter months my blog takes a lot of planning and organizing, that doesn't always work out. So I have chosen to show you some new buys like this. But again: I shot these pictures in the evening, with artifical light.

So whats new?
1 - Do you remember this post (here) - I told you that I attended a sample sale from Dept Denim Department: This quilted jacket was one of my scores!
2 - The Mango sweater from the Kate Moss collection - What's not to like?
3 - Detail of my quitled Dept bomber jacket
4 - Also a score from the Dept Sample sale - Grey top with a chain neckline.

Ps: I actually have that ladder next to my wardrobe; otherwise I can't reach the top shelves... Just in case you we're wondering why I have a ladder in my bedroom...

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Outfit: Spikes

The outfit I promised you last friday: spikes! This is what I wore on my Bf's b-day! He turned 31, yeah! Wore my MMM x H&M booties, they are such eyecatchers. Paired it up with my spikey top from zara. 

That's all for today! Happy tuesday!

I'm wearing:
Top: Zara TRF | Grey top: Berhska | Skirt: H&M (old) | Stockings: H&M | Barcelet: Mint via Zalando | Booties: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

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Diary: No Place Like London!

Yes, I promised you guys the rest of the outfit. But that'll just have to wait, because I want to show you some pics of our weekend-get-away to London! Did some christmas shopping with my man.
The peeps who follow me on instagram (@amysfashionscrapbook) will have seen some of these pics (and many more, I might add...).

1 - The man and me on Trafalgar square / 2 - Topshop! / 3 - shopping on Regent Street
4 - Piccadilly Circus / 5 - Londoneye / 6 - Big Ben

We had a great time, and what we bought? Well, that'll just have to wait to Christmas eve!

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Photo's: by bf & me (Iphone 4S)


Preview: Spikes

On this snowing morning; I'll just leave you with the preview. Have to get to work in time!
Just a half day of work; since I have something nice planned this weekend!
More about that later!

Happy Friday!

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Outfit: Bob Ross Part 2

The full outfit, of yesterday's little preview. Remember my Bob Ross post? (see it here) Well I have been searching for the perfect petrol coloured sweater to go with it; but I didn't have any luck. So I grabbed my mother-in-law for a Saturday morning shopping spree at the local hand-craft shop; shopped the most amazing wool, and she did her magic. Love my new sweater!
Combined with my new MMM x HM invisible heels; lot's more outfits with these baby's to come!

I'm wearing:
Sweater: made by my mother-in-law | Leggings: H&M trend | Booties: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M 

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New in: MMM x H&M invisible heels

I've had them for a week now, but today they are finally on the blog. Why you ask? Well today there was a big fuss, because these beauties got marked down. And not just like 50 euro's off. No. 169 euro's off! 
So: get yours while you can! They are a real bargain now. These lovely leather shoes, that create the illusion that you are floting!
The whole oufit will be online later this week. 

Heels: Maison Martin Margiele for H&M

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Outfit: The boyfriend coat

Yesterday's outfit, on my way to a sample sale. Another easy outfit; I know, I have read your comments: I should wear more heels! haha Well I wear alot of heels, just not when I shoot outfit pics in the weekend. 
Back to this outfit: wearing my new boyfriend coat; love the relaxed fit. 

Hope your having a great weekend!

I'm wearing: 
Boyfriend Coat: Mango | Knit: H&M | Leather pants: H&M | Sneakers: Nike | Scarf: the grey concept by H&M divided

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Photo's: by My life as Matt

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