What I Was Wearing: Lovely in Pink


What I was wearing yesterday.
The weather in the Netherlands is so good for this time of year;
we should've had this weather two months ago!
Here I am buying knits and looking for winterboots and jackets; while today after work I put a bikini on and worked on my tan....
But I'm not complaining!
Now I have a chance to wear more items from my summer wardrobe!
(which I couldn't wear during our "real" summer, because I had to wear thights and rainjackets....)
About this look: simple, clean and easy; I combine it with a blazer to wear it to work.
I love this top; the colour, fit and the material.

I'm wearing:
Pink top: New Look | Jegging: H&M | Sandals: de Bijenkorf Collection | Sunnies: H&M | Bag: H&M

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Photo's: MG


New in: Pistol Boots!

Finally I received my black pistol boots!
Must-have basics for this autumn.
I saw these booties at the beginning of summer at Sacha; but I was looking for sandals... (and I wasn't sure about the 90s vibe they have)
Little did I know that it would take months to find them again in my size!
(and yes, thay are sold-out again!)
I seem to a have thing for wanting shoes that are sold-out in a heartbeat....

What do you think of the shoes? Or are they to 90s for your taste?

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Photo's: by me


What I Was Wearing: Just Another Day at the Office

What I was wearing today. A normal day at the office.
I'm wearing my new grey skinny jeans from H&M; they are the best!
In the past years I have already lived trough 2 pairs of these jeans.
I tried a pair from Dept Denim Department; but the fit just isn't any good.
Enough about the jeans; I combined it with a simple tee, my new off-white blazer and wedges.
A total H&M-look.... what can I say; I love that shop! :)

I'm wearing:
Blazer: H&M | Tee: H&M | Skinny jeans: H&M | Bag: H&M | Wedges: Invito | Sunnies: Ray Ban

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What I Was Wearing: Black leather

This is what I was wearing Saturday eve.
Love the little blue accent in the top; (which is the same colour as my nailpolish.)
I went out with my boyfriend; had such a nice night.

I'm wearing:
Sleeveless top: Zara TRF | Leather leggings: H&M | Shoes: Stylist's Own | Belt: Supre

Photo's: MG


What I Was Wearing: Born in the USA

What I'm wearing today!
I'm having a laid-back Saturday. The weather is great again!
I'm wearing my new all stars.
I know, who buys summer shoes in autumn?
Well since I'm going on holiday to the sun in December, it was my last chance to get my hands on a pair of summery sneakers.

I'm wearing:
Pants: Zara | T-shirt: H&M divided | Scarf: Bershka | Shoes: Converse All Stars | Jacket: Zara | Belt: Zara


Photo's: MG


Inspiration: Feeling Blue

Love this outfit!
Baggy, black, feminine!
I would totally wear this outfit (without the racoon eyes, though!)

Photo's: Stockholm Streetstyle


Wishlist: All You Can Shop | Zalando

1 Wool and leather jacket - Tiger of Sweden
2 Printed Shirt - Diesel
3 Red leather leggings - Surface to Air
4 Black Heels - Via Uno
5 Black Studded bag - Mimic Copenhagen

Zalando is ultimate online shopping heaven!
They have all you are looking for, and much much more.
And now Zalando has a great giveaway: you can win one year of shopping
(with a grand total of €3600,- of store credit)
All you have to do is style an outfit and post that on your blog.

This is the outfit I have styled for the competition.
I went for a rock chic but feminine look, which I'm really into at the moment. 
I used different marterials, but lots of leather.
I really love the jacket; the combination of wool and leather gives a warmer look.
Also the heels are a total must-have, basic at first sight, but the sole of the shoe is bright red.
I love these kinds of details in outfits.

If you want to join the competition just click on the button for more information!

zalando all you can shop


What I was wearing: Paint it black

Had 2 birthday's this weekend; had such a great time.

I'm wearing:
Red coated skinny: Pull 'n Bear | Skull t-shirt: Zara | Heels: Manfield | Ring: Asos | Nailpolish base colour: Catrice | Nailpolish cracked top coat: essence

Photo's: MG


Outfit: ready for winter

It's getting cold!
So like the other bloggers I'm getting ready for winter.
Last weekend I bought this grey poncho. 
It is so nice and warm, and goes great with my UGGS which I bought last winter.

What I'm wearing:
Poncho: Pieces | Shoes: UGG Australia | Pants: H&M | Top: H&M

Photo's: MG


What I was wearing: Pretty in Pink

What I was wearing sunday afternoon.
Actually this post was going to be about my new jacket, that I bought to endure the rain here in The Netherlands. But when I was selecting the photo's for this post, I found that my pink jeans are the real eyecatcher of this post. What do you think?
So I bought this jacket last weekend. I ride my bike to work everyday, and since I broke the zipper on my grey leather jacket, I really needed (yeah right...) a replacement. Found this snake skin jacket at Bershka. Love it! Since it's practical, fashionable and cheap :)

I'm wearing:
Snake skin jacket: Bershka | Pink pants: ZARA | Sneakers: Nike | Bag: H&M | Black basic T-shirt: H&M

Photo's: MG


What I was wearing: ...and there's glitter on the floor

You gotta love the weekend!
I had a suyper great weekend, writing this post while enjoying the last hours of my weekend.
Saturday I went to town for some quick shopping, bumped into this lovely silver glitter top.
The new autumn collection in the stores are all about glitter, silver, gold etc. Clothing which usually only hits the stores during the holidays. But I love it!
I wore my new top with a black bodycon dress, leggings and my peeptoe killerheels.
I wore this outfit saturdaynight, had dinner in town with some friends, afterwards had some drinks and enjoyed the last (?) hot summer evening of the year.

I'm wearing:
Silver glitter top: Bershka | Black bodycon dress: H&M | Leggings: H&M | Peep toe heels: ASOS | Silver belt: ZARA | Grey fringe bag: H&M | Bracelets: Fashionology / V&D | Ring: Ti Sento

Photo's: MG


What I was wearing: ...and action!

I had such an exciting day at work yesterday!
As you can see by the photo's I got filmed.
A film- and productioncrew came to make a film about one of our productlines.
I had to do an interview; and shot some impressions of me doing my work; walking in the hallway etc. I have never taken the elevator so often in one afternoon!

In the last photo you see what I was looking at during the interview.
Just imagine this view; but then with 4 people standing there, giving you pointers, lines, tips etc...
It was a really cool experience!
And now for the most important part: the outfit!
I received the callsheet in the late afternoon the day before, and I was not amused to say the least.
The outfit that I planned to wear could be thrown out of the window;
I was not allowed to wear dark colours of prints. That is like 90% of my work wardrobe.
So on the moring of the shoot, I threw this basic outfit together.

I'm wearing:
Black waxed skinny pants: H&M | Basic white t-shirt: Zara | Grey blazer with arm patches: H&M |
Black wedges: Invito

Photo's: by production crew & me


Outfit: Take a Walk on the Wildside

Another summer outfitpost!
We had such good weather this weekend!
I was wearing my lovely printed maxi-dress.
It's a nice light fabric, and falls perfect around the body. Love it!

I'm wearing:
Printed Maxi Dress: H&M | One Skull Bracelet: Fashionology | Black Belt: Supre

Photo's: MG


In search of: Zara biker boots

Lovely readers; I seem to have the great habit of wanting to order items I want when they are sold out!
I really didn't see that coming with these bikerboots!
I'm still working on washing all my summer laundry, and these great bikerboots from the autum/winter collection of Zara have already sold out!
So if someone finds these (on-line or IRL) please let me know!


Outfit: Paint the sky with silver lining

This weekend summer returned!
In this first weekend of september I could finally wear shorts and flip flops again.
I love it! Wish it could be summer all year round!
This was my outfit I wore today; finally a blogpost wearing my beloved silver shorts (remember I was looking for them? Read it here)

I'm wearing:
Silver Shorts: H&M Divided | LinenT-shirt: ZARA | Tanktop: H&M | Flip flops: Havaianas | Ring: Ti Sento | Bracelets: Fashionology / V&D

Photo's: MG
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