Outfit: In the Evening Sun

What I was wearing a few days ago when the weather was sunny again. I rediscoverd this skirt in my closet. Bought it last winter to wear to the office, but with bare legs and some booties we have another winning combo if you ask me. 
New in are my bambo wayfarer sunnies, yes they are made of wood! Fun fact that with each purchase they actually plant a tree! For more information visit their website: Hout Couture
Well gotta run to work; almost weekend! 

I'm wearing:
Skirt: Saint Tropez | Tee: H&M | Booties: Mango | Bag: H&M |  Sunnies: Hout Couture | Necklace: fashionology |

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Chillin' like MJ

Yes I have been a terrible blogger; but I have been a very good construction worker in my new house at night, and consultant at work by day. And with a broken laptop, this blogging thing just didn't happen basicly. But in the end I love blogging, so I found time to shoot some pics, cycled all the way through town, and I'm now at my parents house preparing this post.
In the pics a pretty basic chilling outfit. Finally showing you guys the vintage Levi's DIY tie-dye shorts that I made a few months ago. You can find the tutorial here. Paired them up with my favorite basic tee, and my new silver zara jacket (which every blogger seemed to get on sale last month... it's like a dress-code or what?!) I love the MJ-vibe it has, it's like a tribute to the king of pop!

Well that's all for now, hope you like it, and see you soon!

I'm wearing:
Silver Jacket: Zara | Tee: Cos | Shorts: Vintage Levi's DIY | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Sneakers: Converse | necklace: Fashionology

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Summer Sun

The whole outfit. Easy and simple outfit that I was wearing after work on Monday. 
Love my real leather shorts, that are made of vintage leather, they are perfect. The weather is changing, so I'm not sure if I'll be wearing shorts again this weekend, but then again: we've had some lovely weather this summer. So I'm not complianing. 

I'm wearing:
Grey glitter top: Berhska | White Tank: Zara TRF | Leather Shorts: Episode | Bag: H&M trend | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Cross: Fashionology

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Preview: Summer Sun


Preview of yesterdays outfit.  Enjoying the late summersun after work. It has been so hot here in the Netherlands, that I wasn't able to shoot any outfits; or sit at my parents computer to actually make a post (yup, I'm still the proud owner of a broken laptop). 

Rest of the outfit will follow soon! Have a nice day! 

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Diary: Small recap of my week

Since I'm so busy with work, renovating our new house I have very little to no time to update my blog. So I thought it would be nice to give you an insight my oh-so-glamourous (I'm being sarcastic...) week. So here follows a small diary:

Remember I was craving feather extensions? This week I received my feather extensions; Love them!

Yeah, we are still working in the new house. Last Saturday I chopped all the titels out of kitchen by hand. Seriously, that day I learned that I'm just not made to do manual labor. (ps: and don't you think my earplugs and saftey glasses are fashionable? haha)

After working the whole week at the office, in the new house at night and in the weekend. We really deserved some relaxing time! So the BF and I went to spend and hour or two at a lake, late Sunday afternoon. Sipping some beers, eating some snacks and getting a much needed tan.

It can't be all work and no play, so when I saw the invitation of Girlslove2run to join them for a run in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, I was like: Why not? (Yeah I had to travel for like 2,5 hours one-way, and had to work every night of this week to compensate) but I just love to do crazy things. So I grabbed my blogger buddy Lieke and accepted the challenge! We took much more pics so expect a bigger post about our running mission soon on my blog!

This was a small recap of my week!
For now: I wish you all a Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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Preview: Girls On A Mission

Today I'm only working half a day, leaving my work and my new crib for what they are, and I'm going a mission with my friend Lieke. I'm not saying a word, but I'm guessing the pics say enough.

Soon more on our mission! :)

Ps: Don't you just love these Nike Running outfit??

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Photo's: by Nike Women


Home Inspiration: Lovely Eames

Something different on the blog: interiour inspo!
My man and I are working in our new home 24/7, but we also need to buy new furniture! So flicking through pinterest, and surfing best lifestyle and design blogs is now a daily activity. Last weekend we decided on our new chairs, it's gonna be the Eames DAR chair in white (see picture #3). Designed by Charles & Ray Eames, 1950. Totally love the simplistic and time-less design.

Have you got some more interiourdesign tips for us? Please contact me!

Photo's by: Modern Vintage

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Outfit: Floral Skirt


Finally I managed to post a new outfit! This is what I was wearing last Saturday when I went shopping for our new house, never seen so much furniture and bathrooms on one day!
I was wearing my new floral skirt that I picked up at the Zara sale, which was like 70% off.
Although I usually don't do floral, I quite like this skirt. So it is a great addition to my waredrobe.

Do you like my skirt? Did you do some great sale shopping?

I'm wearing:
Skirt: Zara | Tee; Zara TRF | Booties: Mango | Bag: H&M | Bracelet: Saint Tropez

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Summer Dress

The whole outfit! I found it very hard to choose between the photo's, because I loved wearing this outfit! Although I'm not tanned yet (the real question is if I'm actually going to get a tan this summer. I'm guessing not). I scored this dress on sale at the zara, after I hung it back like 5 times: I'm not going on holiday, I need to cut back on shopping (I just bought a house for crying-out-loud) so why do I need a white dress? But I loved this dress, it's nothing like I have ever owned before. So when I saw this on sale, even then I waited for futher reduction, I got this dress for such a little price that I couldn't restrain myself: I need this dress. Afterwards it was such a good buy, because on the day that the BF and I had all the formalities for the new house it was over 30 degrees; perfect opportunity to wear my new dress!  Paired it up with my lovely tan-coloured mango booties (also on sale! I'm getting so good at this!) I was ready to put my signature on all the documents, and call myself a house owner! Wooohooh!
When we are done renovating and decorating our house, I'll give you guys a sneak peek into our new place. ' cause interior is also fashion in my book!

Do you like my dress?
Have a good weekend!

I'm wearing:
Dress: Zara |  Booties: Mango | Bangle: Fashionology | Bracelets: Cos & fashionology | Sunnies: H&M

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Preview: Summer Dress

Preview of the upcoming outfit post! This what I wore last week, on a really special day for me, it was the day my BF and I signed all the paperwork and received the keys to our new house! Our first real house (I mean: a big ass family home, that we bought in the city centre).
So we are very busy with renovating and decorating, so taking outfit pics and getting my laptop fixed is not high on my priorty list at the moment, since I still working fulltime. But I'll try to update my blog as often as I can.
Well, I'll leave you with a pic of my lovely booties and my white legs. The rest will be online soon!

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Photo: by My life as Matt
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