Personal: Shop My Closet

The pic says it all: shop my closet! You can do it here!
I'm off to go shopping in lovely Rotterdam. But stay tuned, more and more items to shop are coming on my marketplace account. If you are non-Dutch and interested in an item, send me an e-mail!

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Blackberry Diary: April

Yes I know, I started with Instadiary's months ago, but since I only have instagram on my Ipad, and I'm not Serena Vanderwoodsen, I'm not holding that thing in my hand all day long, everywhere I go. So I decided to  go make a diary with blackberry photo's of the last month. (I know, I should be more consistent with the stuff I post on my blog, but I'm just not a routine kinda girl...).

What are you looking at?
Boyfriend aka my photographer | Healthy fritatta dinner |  Easter #1 | Chai Latte & Bagel lunch with my mum | Easter #2 | Easter #3 at my parents | Watching Rango at my lil bro | Belgian Beer | Gourmet Burger at  a new burger joint in my home town | Pre-B-day Cocktails | B-day Cupcakes | More B-day Cupcakes | Fancy location were I was doing a presentation for my work | B-day card from my lovely family in New Zealand | More healthy food | Waiting for la boyfriend at the fitting rooms of Zara

Safe to say I love food and drinks ;)

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Outfit: Black & White

Happy Friday! Today's post is a little late, due to my busy life atm. I attended a VIP night at a Sample Sale in Breda last night. It was held in the big church in the city centre, such a lovely location. The sale was a bit of a downer though. Didn't buy anything! (yes, that was something new for me haha).

Well about my outfit; just a simple easy outfit, that I love to wear. Perfect for running around, working, running errands and so on.

Hope you have some lovely plans for this weekend! Have a good one!

I'm wearing:
Leather Jacket: Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville for H&M | Oversized Blouse: Dept | Leggings Leather Patches: H&M | Sneakers: Converse All Stars

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Outfit: The LBD

What I was wearing yesterday. My "LBD", with leggings and a cardigan. I find this an ideal outfit for the workplace when I'm not meeting with clients. It's always cold or hot at work, and nothing you can do about it: so cardigans and scarfs are my best friend. I found the dress in the back of my closet, only wore it once before. I really should dig in my closet more often!

I was wearing:
Little Black Dress: de Bijenkorf | Leggings: H&M | Cardigan: Zara | Scarf: H&M | Nail Polish: O.P.I. | Belt: H&M | Bracelet: Saint Tropez

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Outfit: The B-day Outfit

The full outfit I wore at my B-day party with my family. Wearing my new zara top, which consists of a sheer long top, and a grey sweater-type top (with an open back) over it. I fell in love with this top immediately! It's so me: grey, over sized. But still a feminine touch to it with the sheer long top underneath.
As you can see, these photo's were taken in the early eve, but I like the gloomy feel the pics have.

Hope you like my B-day outfit.
Have a great day! :)

I'm wearing:
Double layered Top: Zara | White Jeans: H&M | Strappy Heels: Zara | Orange Bracelet: COS | Silver Bracelet: V&D | Rings: H&M | Nail Polish: O.P.I. "herring problem"

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Diary: The B-day Weekend

Hello lovely readers! I've been of the radar for the whole weekend, so now a big post to make it up to you guys! Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday, can't believe I've turned 28. I mean, that's like old and stuff ;)
Anyhow: I had a great time! Spend time with my family and partied the night away with my friends.

Well, so what are you looking at?
1 -  Preview of my b-day outfit! Soon on my blog
2 - Presents! I have been spoiled to say the least!
3 - Wearing my new shoes (as seen here available here)
4 - Party pic! Something I normally wouldn't post, but I love my stupid face next to my lovely friend Marloes.

Well hope you had a fab weekend!

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Personal: Go Shorty, It's My Birthday!

Go Shorty It's MY Birthday!
Yes peeps, today is my birthday! I'm gonna ignore the fact that I'm drawing closer and closer to the big 3-0!
Yesterday when I got home from work, these lovely flowers and the most delicious cupcakes were waiting for me. A pre-birthday celebration with my man.
Today I'll be running around making arrangements, picking up the cake, buying beer, cleaning my apartment etc 'cause my parents and the in-laws are dropping by tonight. After that: I'm gonna hit the town old style!

My birthday is always a day of thinking back over the past year. I got to say: it was a pretty good year! I traveled a lot, graduated for my post bachelor Project Management degree, had lots of fun times with my lovely friends, went to some great concerts, and started this blog! What a year! Hoping the next will be even better, but that'll be a though one!

Well I'm gonna run! Have a good weekend!

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New in: Mooie Schoenen

Thank God it's Friday! And even better: new shoes!! On my facebookpage I told you that I orderd some lovely shoes from this new webshop that I came across called: Mooie Schoenen. They have a great collection of shoes for women, men and kids. I choose these lovely Minnetonka Double Fringe Booties are ideal for spring and summer. Can't wait to wear them with some jeans shorts and a white tee. Will post some outfit pics really soon.

Hope you have a great weekend planned! I know I will, since it's my B-day tomorrow!

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Outfit: Taking it Easy

As promised the whole outfit! Taking it easy, taking it slow. 
Wearing my new Maison Scotch sweater that my mother bought for me when I went shopping with her. So here a little thank note: Thanks mum! It's the perfect sweater for after-work evenings and weekends. 
Combined it with my new white jeans and my comfortable booties. 

Well, I'm off. Long day at the office and busy eve. 
Have a lovely day! 

I'm wearing:
Grey Sweater: Maison Scotch | White Skinny Jeans: H&M | Booties: Invito | Nail Polish: O.P.I. "did you ear about van Gogh?"

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Wishlist: The B-day List

In my last post I told you I was making a wishlist for my birthday.
So instead of posting my full outfit, I wanted to share my wishlist (also, now my boyfriend, my parents and my parents in law, know what I really want to receive). Since I was running so late with making my wishlist I think I'm forgetting tons of things I would like to receive, so actually you can make me happy with almost everything!

So what can you get me?
Zoe Karssen Tee | Donna Hay Cookbook | I don't know how she does it DVD | H&M gift cards (Zara also very welcome) | Vlieger en Vandam Clutch | Black Chanel Nail Polish  | Fashionology Cross Bracelet | Scott Pilgrim vs the World DVD | Mister P One Man Shy Lamp

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Preview: Taking it Easy

Preview of my upcoming outfit post; I can tell you that two new purchases are visible in the picture above.
Hope you have a good day! I know I will... 'cause I'm making a wishlist for my B-day. Yes, I'm really on time with that though: only 4 days to go!

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My Favorites #1

Something new on my blog: a few of my favorite things at the moment. Well, it's not totally new, last year I made a post just like this one (see it here). And God only knows how often I'll make a post like this, since I'm not known for my consistency! Back to the post: Spring has just sprung so a few of my fave things: Spring addition!

#1 - Fave Work-Out: Running! Not that I run everyday, but now the weather is better, I love to go for a run outside. Pushing myself to go further every time. For inspiration I read the blog of Girls love 2 run, that motivates me to put on my running shoes. And off course I love to shop for my work-out outfits; love this outfit from Nike.

#2 - Fave Food: Now with spring I love to eat healthy and green. And no; it's not a diet, I just love it! This food makes me feel as good as it tastes.

#3 - Fave Quote: Just believe in your dreams - just in case I forget to do that. I love quotes by the way. See my pinterest board for more quotes. 

#4 - Fave Photography Style: You might have seen it in my latest outfit post, I'm so into Black 'n White photography at the moment. This is quite weird since spring brings sun, and nice colours. But what can I say: I love this pic of Mary-Kate Olsen!

#5 - Fave Nail Polish: Last week I bought two nail polishes of the Holland Collection of O.P.I; My current fave is "did you ear about van Gogh?" which a nude-slash-beige colour. Also love the quality, it's amazing, especially when you are used to cheap crappy nail polishes!

What do you think of my first (okay, second!) favorites list? Want to see this more often on my blog? Or should I leave it for once a year?
Well I'm of for a run on my lazy Sunday. Hope you all are having a good weekend!

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Outfit: The New Parka

Outfit post wearing my new parka with leather sleeves. It was raining so hard when we were taking these shots; that's why I look so annoyed in the pics.

I'm wearing:
Parka with leather sleeves: Zara | Pants: Fornarina | Sneakers: Converse All Stars | Shirt: COS | Scarf: H&M men

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New in: Leather Sleeves Parka

I have a thing for parka's! Love them!
If you have followed my blog this winter, you might have noticed my lovely winter parka from Zara (as seen here) Of course I needed one for summer. I have been looking for this parka for months! Couldn't get my hands on it in the stores and not online. But last Saturday when I was shopping in Eindhoven with my mum, we walked in the Zara, and there it was: the very last one; in my size. Felt like it was there specially for me!
The parka is so perfect; the leather sleeves and blazer-style collar, love it!
An outfit post featuring my new parka will soon be online!

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Outfit: Easter Pastels

For the first time in the history of my blog my BF and my bro are featured on my blog (now it's up to you, to guess who is the BF and who is my bro. Hint: My bro looks ALOT like me!)
As I wrote in my previous post, we had a lot of fun during Easter, as you can see in these pics.
This scarf is one of my new purchases from the National Glamour day. I fell in love with this scarf immediately, the colours an the designs makes it the perfect accessory for this spring. Don't ya think?

I'm wearing:
Pastel Yellow pants: H&M | Mint Tee: ZARA | Cardigan: Bershka | Scarf: Pieces via Men At Work | Sneakers: Converse All Stars | Sunglasses: H&M men (Borrowed from bro) | Nailpolish: Catrice, bye bye Birdie | Bracelet: COS

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Photo's: by My life as Matt & Marc Villevoye edited by me


Preview: Easter Pastels

As I promised on my facebook page this morning: finally a new blog update!
I've had a great Easter weekend. Enjoying some family time, having brunch, watching a movie with my bro, walking the dog. And off course my shopping date on Saturday with my mum. We had such a good time! Of course I bought way too much! Will show you my new items soon on my blog. We also had a Dr Fish spa treatment for hands and feet; was amazing. This morning I did an Easter Work-Out at the gym. It was so great; I'm still recovering from it!

Here is a little preview of my upcoming outfit post. Hope you like it!
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

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Personal: Shopping Date!

Right now: I'm getting ready to go shopping on National Glamour Day! (For you guys who are not Dutch, or are living under a Dutch Rock: National Glamour Day means that 1500 shops have a discount of at least 20% today). And to top things off it's also Maffe Marathon at the Bijenkorf. So I'm going to have a lovely day shopping with my mum in Eindhoven. We also have a little spa treatment planned. 

Are you going shopping today? What city are you going to raid?
Enjoy your weekend!

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Outfit: Faded Leopard

The whole outfit. Wearing my new faded leopard jeans from H&M. Combined it with my suede jacket (as seen here) like this light look. Perfect for spring! Too bad that the weather is thinking otherwise atm.
Hope you all have a good extra long weekend!

I'm wearing:
Faded Leopard Jeans: H&M | Grey Loose Shirt: Zara | Suede Jacket: Bandolera | Booties: Sascha | Necklace: Maison Scotch

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Photo: by My life as Matt 


Preview: Faded Leopard

Preview of my upcoming outfit post. I'm not going to say too much, just be patient.
Have a lovely day!

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Outfit: Lazy Sunday

As I promised: my Lazy Sunday outfit! And yes: I'm wearing sweatpants on my blog!
I know it's not fashionable, but I want to show you what I really wear; and I love to wear sweatpants!
I used to wear them all weekend long, to the gym, to visit my parents or to go to the supermarket. But I was cleaning my act up, and only wearing sweats at home, until I found these sweat beauties in the Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville. I love them! So now I have allowed myself to wear these sweats outside of the house once in a while!
What is your opinion on wearing sweatpants?

I'm wearing:
Sweatpants: H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville | Sneakers: Nike | Tank top: Zara | Leather Jacket: H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville | Hoodie: H&M | Sunnies: America Today | Scarf: Cotton On (bought in New Zealand)

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Photo: by My life as Matt 
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