Fashion: For Who I'm Supposed To Be Today

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I've found this quote months ago, not knowing what I should do with it. Yesterday I decided to put it up on the blog with a whole monologue about how I never have anything to wear, yet my closet is quite large and literally stacked with clothes. If I do all my washing (or only have one basket full...) I can't put all my clothes away. Talking about first world problems!
Another first world problem is the fact that I don't have anytime to write the post I was planning to write, cause I'm flying to Ibiza tonight. I just really had some much too do the last couple of weeks (make that months!) Have been running round town, gotta slow down.
Packing my suitcase I stumbled on the same problem as stated above... I need to pack all these clothes, cause I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be on my vacation. I mean I haven't had a real summer vacation in nearly 2 years, how does that work, a lazy summer holiday? Well I'm going to find out!
Keep you posted!
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Wishlist: Chanel Espadrilles

EN// Maybe it's because my summerholiday is starting in 8 hours, or maybe it's because I just hadn't come across these black beauties before... nevertheless: I'm in love!
In spring the Chanel espadrilles where everywhere, but since I really didn't like the denim canvas, I clicked them away in an instant. Knowing that if would ever own a pair of Chanel shoes, these might be the closest I would get, since the price tag is much more friendly compared to heels etc.
Anyhow: no denim canvas for me. So that was that.... untill I saw these beauties online.... even with autumn right at my door I want them... I love them, I need them... (okay, the last comment is not true...)

NL// Misschien komt het omdat mijn zomervakantie nog moet beginnen (nog 8 uur te gaan, whooohoo) maar ik ben verliefd op deze zwarte espadrilles van Chanel! Ook met de herfst voor de deur zou ik graag deze beauties toevoegen aan mijn collectie.


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Outfit: Keep Calm and Carry on Shopping

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EN// Keep calm and carry on shopping. It's the story of my life!
This was my super casual outfit last Sunday when I enjoyed a relaxing day on the town. Wearing my new mirrored sunnies, they are such great  eye catchers. As a little bonus you can see the man behind the blogger: my photographer my sunnies on the 4th photo.

NL// Keep calm and carry on shopping. Dat is mijn devies!
Dit was mijn super casual outfit afgelopen zondag, toen n heerlijke dag in stad doorbracht. Ik droeg mijn nieuwe gespiegelde zonnebril, het is zo'n statement piece. Als een extra bonus zie je in de 4de foto de man achter de blogger, mijn fotograaf in mijn zonnebril.

I'm wearing:
Striped top: H&M | Vintage leather shorts: Episode | Sneakers: Primark | Sunnies: H&M | Tote bag: Primark | Necklace: Fashionology.nl | Nailpolish: www.hema.nl |

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Food: Frozen Yogurt

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EN// Finally I was able to post these pictures... took me quite some time to figure out a new photo editing program. Still not happy with the end-result, but I couldn't keep you waiting any longer. A DIY on Frozen yogurt. I made these ice-blocks on a super hot day, but even with lower temperatures it's quite good!

You'll need:
0,5L yogurt
2 big table spoons of honey
Fruit of any sort you like (I used frozen berries)
ice-pop molds (I used one from Primark, cheap but hard to remove the popsicle)

step 1: Mix the yogurt with the honey
step 2: Put the fruit in your ice-pop molds.
step 3: Scoop the yogurt on the fruit into the molds
step 4: Make sure the yogurt fills all the gaps between the fruit... it took me some firm beatings of the molds on my table to achieve this...
step 5: Put the molds into your freezer for at least 3 hours.
step 6: Try removing the popsicle from the molds...& Enjoy!

NL// Ein-de-lijk is het me gelukt om deze foto's te bewerken en te posten. Het heeft me wat tijd gekost om een nieuw foto editing programma onder de knie te krijgen. Echter ben ik nog niet tevreden, maar ik kon jullie niet nog langer laten wachten. Hier een DIY voor Frozen Yoghurt. Ik heb deze ijsjes gemaakt tijdens een van de laatste super hete dagn; maar ook met minder warm weer zijn deze ijsjes nog steeds erg lekker. 

0,5L yoghurt
2 grote eetlepels honing
Fruit (ik heb bevroren besjes gebruikt) 
ijsmaker of mallen om ijsjes in te maken (ik heb de mijne van de Primark, lekker goedkoop, maar de ijsjes verwijderen is een hels karwei) 

stap 1: Mix de yoghurt met de honing
stap 2: Stop het fuit in de mal
stap 3: Lepel het yoghurt mengsel in de mal
stap 4: Zorg dat het mengsel alle ruimtes tussen het fruit vult. Het heeft mij het nodige brute slag werk gekost: de mal hard op mijn tafel geslagen, zodat de yoghurt beter zou zakken. 
stap 5: Stop de gevulde mallen in de vriezer voor zeker 3 uurtjes
stap 6: Probeer het ijsje te verwijderen: Enjoy! 

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Fashion: Madness by Alexander Wang

EN// Today I found this video on youtube, it's been there for over a week, so maybe you have already come across it. Well I'm not so sure what I think of this. My first reaction was: wow where was I? I want all that stuff! But then, if you see those people running in: they are like animals! Yes, I still want the stuff, and I do think that if I would have the option of getting T by Alexander Wang items for free that my primitive instincts would have the better of me. 
The second question that popped in my head was: why on earth would Alexander Wang give items away for free and let World War 3 break out in the same process. I'm guessing: wanting to go viral! If mister Wang gave away all these items, but in a correct order everyone would have gotten one item, no real fuss would be created. Making this short movie, having people like me putting it up on their website, creating that "Why didn't I know this?????!!" feeling, makes people wanting a little piece of the collection. At least I do. 
And now the prices of the basic (but oh so perfect fit!) Tee's can go up....and we'll still buy them. Like when he moved the production of those same tee's to another country, and losing all the quality in that same process. Ever tried washing you T by A.Wang shirt more than twice? It looks horrible; but still the fit is so good! 
So I'm guessing Mister Wang accomplished the goals of which I think he had: I really wanted to be there, and to make up for that, I'm now going to shop online for one of his oh-so-perfect, but ridiculously over-prices Tee's.... 

NL// Dit filmpje vond ik vandaag, kijkt en huivert. Mijn mening over het filmpje staat hierboven in het engels. Je kunt het vertalen via google translate. Kom je er niet uit: vraag gerust. 

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Food: Easy BBQ Party

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EN//I think its nearly 6 weeks ago when I shot these photos at a simple BBQ party at my house; forgot all about them. Since we had some great other BBQ's in the time that passed. Well, with these pics I just want to show you have you can throw a simple in-expensive BBQ.
So what are your plans for the weekend, now temperatures are rising?

NL// Volgens mij was het 6 weken geleden toen ik deze foto's nam tijdens een simpele BBQ bij mij thuis. Ik ben helemaal vergeten deze te posten; maar met dit warme weer vandaag is het wel weer toepasselijk. Deze pics laten zien hoe je een super goedkope en makkelijker BBQ kunt houden.
Dus: ga jij nog BBQ'en dit weekend? 

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