Diary: Shopping Weekend

I had an amazing weekend! Full of friends, shopping, eating, shopping, drinking, shopping, my boyfriend, shopping, family and more shopping!
I want to share some of the great things that I bought this weekend (yes, some... there is much, much more)

So what are you looking at?
1) Lovely Maccaroons that I bought in a cute store called trick 'n treats in Utrecht
2) Little present I bought for my boyfriend at Loft in Utrecht
3) Found these sandals on sale at the Bijenkorf. I was looking for some nice footwear to bring on my trip to Greece next month.
4) Sasha was having a big clearance sale; so had to take these little booties home aswell
5) I was looking for a big chuncky bracelet like this for ages
6) Cute little handbag from New Look
7) The best sale find of this season! Totally loving this kimono from Zara; it's 100% silk!
8) Bought some books to take with me to Greece.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Photos: by me


Recessionista: Love the sale!

Change of plans!
I'm not going to another big festival; but I booked a holiday to Greece instead!
Since I leave in two weeks time, I had some serious shopping to do.
With the sales still on; that was not a problem.
Above you find a peek of what I just orderd in the sale of H&M.
It is all so cheap, that I want to order everything; but I'm trying to restrain myself since I'm going on a shoppingtrip to Utrecht tomorrow!

Photos: H&M


What I was wearing

A very quick outfitpost of what I'm wearing today.
Found these army pants in the sale at ZARA yesterday; last pair in my size, 75% off!
I just love the sale!
Have to get going; my ombre hair is waiting....

Wearing: Pants ZARA | Heels: Manfield | Blouse: Sutherland | Top: Bershka | Necklace: Fossil | Ring: Ti Sento | Bracelets: H&M

Photos: by MG


Ombre Hair

Tomorrow is the big day: I'm finally going to get my hair dyed ombre (also known as dipped ends).
I'm very excited! I love it with an untidy look; beachy curls.
But since I always wear my hair straight, I have to wait and see how it'll turn out.
It could also be a good incentive to wear my hair differently.
Well I'll lt you know how it turns out!


New in: Suede Jacket

This week my mum gave me this suede jacket!
I was totally flabbergasted that she would give me such a nice jacket;
The material is really soft and luxurious.
The nude colour goes very well with my black and grey wardrobe.
Mum: more gifts like these are very much appreciated! :)

Suede Jacket: Bandolera


Diary: A few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things!
So what are you seeing?
1) my favorite nailpolish colours at the moment
2) My blackberry, need I say more?
3) my favorite trainers! I love to work-out at the gym.
Got these nikes at the Nike Free Yourself Event from the Dutch Glamour.
4) Smoothies at my favorite lunchspot
5) my bed!
Since I'm working full-time, all the way through to my holiday which is in december, I love to work on the relationship with my bed!


Wishlist: YSL Arty Ring

I have had my eye on the YSL arty ring for ages, but I always found the rings in gold; which I don't wear.
Untill today: I found out that there is a silver edition!
With the black stone it is a timeless piece that will go with all my outfits!
I want it! But I want so much right now that I'm not sure if I should order it; what do you think? 


Inspiration: Georgina Sparks - Michelle Trachtenberg on Gossip Girl

Once again it's confession time: I love Gossip Girl!
I just adore the outfits.
From all the characters on GG Michelle Trachtenberg's role of Georgina Sparks resembles my style the most!
The black and grey-tones, lots of necklaces, studs & crosses, bracelets, the it-bag, heels and big sunnies. Love it!
In the first picture Blake Lively is rockin' next to Michelle. I love her ensemble!
So here is to the creative minds in the wardrobe department of GG: keep up the good work!


What I was wearing: Shopping on Saturday

Saturday I went to town with my BF and two fabulous girls.
We had a really good time, shopping and relaxing.
As you can see: when we got home, it was raining! It doesn't feel like summer at all at the moment!

Wearing: Trousers: H&M trend | Leather jacket: ZARA | Heels: Manfield | Necklace, Ring, Earrings, Bracelet: H&M trend | Shirt: H&M


What I was wearing: Friday to work

When I started this blog I wrote that I wanted to show you outfits that I wear to the office; so this is one of my very simple outfits: black, blazer & off you go.

Wearing: coated jeans: H&M | blazer with panter linning: H&M | Blouse: ZARA | Bag: WE women | Boots: Men at Work/Stylists Own | Sunnies: H&M


In search of: Zoe Karssen T-Shirt

I love t-shirts
I love t-shirts with prints
I love t-shirts by Zoe Karssen

Zoe Karssen designs the best t-shirts! I really love this shirt, specifically in this colour!
I should have bought it when I had the chance, since it form last season collection. So If one of you knows finds this shirt somewhere: let me know!

If you want to see more of this design duo, check out their website: Zoe Karssen


Photos:  Zoe Karssen


Outfit: Like a Rolling Stone

My new outfit!
Since I wear so much black and grey, I thought a pair of red pants would be such an addition to my wardrobe. It's simple and effortless, but still an eyecatcher.
What do you think?

Wearing: Red coated pants & Rolling stones Tee: Pull 'n Bear | Shoes: Stylist's own | Bracelet: Fashionology | Ring: Ti Sento | Sunnies: Ray Ban


Outfit: Whiter shade of pale

One of  the outfits that I wore this week.
Wearing my new blouse, which I orderd months ago at H&M, and finally arrived last week. I really like this bouse, because it's short at the front and longer at the back. Nice to wear to the office in the summer.

Wearing: Shoes: ASOS | Tregging & Blouse: H&M trend | Blazer: Zara


Diary: Rock Werchter Festival

I have mentioned in previous posts that I went to the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium last weekend.
4 days of music, beer, camping and lots of fun.
I saw some girls who seemed out of character on the festival: wearing heels, non-practical outfits etc. You sleep in a tent for 4 nights, lie in de grass all day or stand in the big crowd; So comfortable outfits is an absolute must!
Wear old (or cheap) items, since it will get dirty, or riped.
Also: Layering; it's really hot in the afternoon, but the concerts end late at night: cardigans, leggings to wear over and under your summer outfit.
Comfortable shoes!
Last but not least: enjoy yourself!


Some pictures of the festival
1| my dirty all stars - festival must-have
2| detail of my outfit of day for 3
3| shoes of me and some friends
4| me, chillin' on the grass - wearing layers!
5| <3


Photos: by me (#4 by MG)
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