Diary: Rock Werchter Festival

I have mentioned in previous posts that I went to the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium last weekend.
4 days of music, beer, camping and lots of fun.
I saw some girls who seemed out of character on the festival: wearing heels, non-practical outfits etc. You sleep in a tent for 4 nights, lie in de grass all day or stand in the big crowd; So comfortable outfits is an absolute must!
Wear old (or cheap) items, since it will get dirty, or riped.
Also: Layering; it's really hot in the afternoon, but the concerts end late at night: cardigans, leggings to wear over and under your summer outfit.
Comfortable shoes!
Last but not least: enjoy yourself!


Some pictures of the festival
1| my dirty all stars - festival must-have
2| detail of my outfit of day for 3
3| shoes of me and some friends
4| me, chillin' on the grass - wearing layers!
5| <3


Photos: by me (#4 by MG)

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