New in: Studded Boots


My latest sale purchase: studded ankle boots! I loved them for quite a while, but since the whole blogesphere had these boots, I was kind of like "nah". Well now they were on sale, and such a good edition to my wardrobe. Since I have been wearing my pistol boots and my bikerboots just a little too often. These shoes are flat, which is great for work; and are great eyecatchers. 
I'll show you the rest of my outfit very soon. 

Studded boots: Sacha


Outfit: Layers in the Snow





All the snow has gone in the Netherlands, it took just a day for all the thick layers of ice that had been tormenting us for the last two weeks, to dissovle. These pictures were taken on Saturday, during the last snow fall. It was so cold that I choose to wear two jackets that day! And Thank God that I did. I'm not made for ice-cold-winters. I'm guessing it's my New Zealand genes. 
Well of to work now: biking in the pouring rain... off course!

I'm wearing:
Coat: Mango | Leather Jacket: Trish Summerville for H&M (Dragon Tattoo collection) | Sweater: Mango | Long top: Bershka | Jeans: H&M | Bikerboots: Zara | Beanie: H&M (Mens)


Wishlist: The Lunchbag

zara tas

I have seen DIY's on this bag months ago; but hadn't seen an affordable lunchbag in the shops. (yeah, I like to DIY, but I'm not the sewing type. I suck at it). I found this bag on the Zara site thanks to Rielle. Still in doubt if I should order it, since I wanted a leather one. Any thoughts?

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Photo: Zara 


Men: The Male Arm Party


And now for something completely new! The men section!
Last week I recieved an e-mail from one of my male readers; asking if I could write posts on male fashion.
I ran it past a few of my other male-readers and they also thougth it was a good idea. So here goes, the first "men" post. I wanted to give the male arm party a podium. I love arm party's, and yes: I love a man's arm party! When I was surfing on Asos I came across these male arm party-packs. Easy does it! Just select one pack, and your good to go. Not like us girls, figuring out a new set everyday.
In the colleage I'm showing you my 10 favorite Male Arm Party's from Asos. Yeah, they have an extensive collection! For more arm party's or to order these click here.

Hoping you liked the first Man-article. Is it a keeper? or not so much? I'd love to hear your comments!
And if you have suggestions on specific topics, let me know.

Photo's: Asos 


Outfit: Old Skool Basics

IMG_9794 IMG_9793 IMG_9799 IMG_9800

A casual outfit I wore to the offiice this week. Safe to say this outfit is not gonna make it to the 2013 overview (or maybe my taste is gonna change, who knows!). See my 2012 overview here. It was kind of an experiment to get the 90s vibe.
This outfit has a few "firsts" for on my blog! I have never:
- ...shown you these jeans before, which I own for over a year I guess (but I'm not a big fan of the colour and cut. But it's perfect for "office-jeans")
- ... worn denim on denim; cause that is just not my thing
- ... shown you this scarf in an outfitpost; but that's just because it's new. (here)

Well I have to be off: last working day of the week! TGIF! 

I'm wearing: 
Coat: Zara | Scarf: H&M | Sweater: Zoe Karssen | Denim Shirt: New Yorker | Jeans: H&M | Pistol boots: Sacha 


Work-Out: In 2013 I will RUN

In my goals of 2013 I told you that I want to compete in two runs this year (read it here). it all started with this photo that was published on the facebook page of Nike Running (here); My face is in that pic! (Try to find me... ) Since the pic says that sweat will be my best accessory, I decided to do so. I'm going to take running more seriously. To make sure that I will I enrolled myself into my first run of the year: running 13 km in may.

 nike running 

So these pics above are actually for me in the first place to make sure that I'll train hard so I can run those 13 km. In the meantime I'm going to post more work-out stuff here; I know that that isn't fashion at all (and this is my fashionscrapbook) but I since it's my personal-blog I hope you'll let me get away with it. And of course I run in style, so technical it IS fashion! More work-out updates, sportswear and inspiration to come! 

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Photo's: by Nike Running Nederland


Outfit: My Wild Side





Sale shopping didn't go aswell as I hoped! I did get some nice items, (okay I got a Wang... but besides the Wang, I didn't get that much. And usually I don't allow myself to buy from the new collections before the sale is over.... but even that little rule went wrong. Except for this printed top. I saw a few weeks ago at Pull & Bear, but the man hates it. So I didn't get it. Last week it was marked down, and the had just one left in my size. That was fate. Can't wait to wear it this summer at one of the festivals. For now I just combine it with a beanie and a big knit. 

Did you get something good on sale?

I'm wearing:
Printed top: Pull & Bear | Big knit: Pulll & Bear | Jeans: H&M | Bikerboots: Zara | Beanie: Zara | Scarf: the grey concept by H&M Divided

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Inspiration: Snow Day



I like snow: when the moment when it falls aout of the sky, and the world looks magical. After that: not so much! Since it's snowing big time in the Netherlands I'm going to try and embrace the snow. So here goes!



Are you getting warmer allready? 
Since I have to walk to work in just 2 minutes, even this post isn't helping me at the moment! I have serious dressing issues, wearing my ugly Uggs again today? Or getting wet and freezing feet when wearing other shoes? (not to mention ruin them with all the salt on the roads...)
What do you suggest?

Happy Monday! 

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Photo's: nsmbl.nl | JackandJill | The blogcloset | Zara People


Diary: The First of 2013

Iphone Amy

My Diary of 2013! The first two weeks have flown by. And I''m not being such a good blogger as I promised you guys. Well I have been so busy going out and about! I'm running again, bought a Wang, and been working alot. But now for the pictures!

So what have I been up to in these past 2 weeks?
- Happy New Year! / I love reading in bed
- Home-made-leftovers-soup / Cultural event in my home-town

Iphone Amy1

- I got a new Iphone case / Outfit details on a night out
- My wild side / Winter has struck (and I hate it!)

Want real-time updates? Follow me on instagram! @amysfashionscrapbook

Well I have a great weekend planned. Enjoy yours!

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Photo's: by me


New in: Colourful Winter Gear

IMG_9743 IMG_9745

So winter has finally come to the Netherlands. It's snowing like crazy and so cold!
Good thing I bought these two colourful scarfs to spice up my winter attire. Got them on sale at the H&M for 1 euro each. Cheap huh?! Safe to say that I didn't use my sale shopping rules when buying these! (read my sale shopping tips/rules here!)

Enjoy the snow folks!

Scarfs: H&M Divided Women

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Photo's: by me


Outfit: All Blacks in the Rain



First of all: sorry for being a lazy blogger; I'm spending my scarce free time relaxing, going to the theater, going out for drinks, shopping etc etc. So I think my new years resolutions are turing against the blog atm. 
Well, here is an outfit I shot last Wednesday, in the rain. Wearing an all black ensemble, and since I'm half a kiwi (aka New Zealand nationality) I called this post after "our" national rugby team The All Blacks!
Wearing my new leather leggings, for the peeps who follow me on instagram: ripped my older pair yesterday, so this was some good shopping I did. As if I knew I was rip out of them!
And this sweater, is my fav one atm. Wearing it all the time.

Enjoy your sunday eve!

I'm wearing:
Sweater: Zara | Faux Leather Leggings: Zara | Heels: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M


New in: It's a WANG #2





I have the best mother in the world!! Thank you mum!
Last week I was having lunch with my mum in town, since I work in town we tend to go out for lunch when she has vacation from her work. Well, we we're having lunch and I was going on and on about how de bijenkorf in Amsterdam had a sale on Alexander Wang bags, at least: so I heard. Since my week & weekend was already packed with stuff I couldn't just skip, I though this sale was going to pass me by. So I said: mum if you are in Amsterdam sometime in the next couple of weeks, please check out the sale for me. By the way: I live like a 1,5h trainride from Amsterdam.
The next day, at work, my phone rang: Amy, I'm in de bijenkorf, holding a wang on sale... *OMG*
The rest is history! I actually did think it was a different bag though; but who in his right mind would have THE classic rocco duffle on sale, right!? So I'm so glad that I'm the owner of the sister of the classic bag: the Alexander Wang Rockie Studded shoulderbag!
I like that it's a little different; the black studs, the suede, rough texture. I love it!
So that is another goal for this year sorted! I geuss I'm on a roll here! :)

What do you think of my new wang?

ps: do you guys still know what my first Wang was? See it here!

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Photo's: by  me


Outfit: Shades of Blue





Shades of blue, paired up with grey of course. Love the flock printed sleeves on this sweater. Got this sweater when I was sale shopping, just after christmas - although it wasn't on sale.
Well got to run: Happy Monday!

I'm wearing;
Sweat dress: Zara | Jeans: Zara | Sneakers: Converse | Necklace: H&M


New in: Zebra Kicks



After seeing back my "best of 2012"-post I realized that for a sneaker-loving-girl, I don't own many pairs of sneakers. So as my first buy of 2013 I bought these lovely Adidas kicks. Now I'm able to look myself in the eye again! :)

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Photo's: By me


Happy 2013


My favorite picture of me of the last year. It was taken at the penthouse in Belgium we stayed in to cellebrate my fathers 65th birthday. I'm hoping that 2013 can be like this picture: happy, warm and sunny. 
I entered 2012 with just one goal: to buy a house, Well that all worked out quite well. While I'm typing this, I'm sitting on my new big-ass couch, in my new livingroom. I'm not one for new years resolutions, but I love to have goals which I can work towards. 
So here goes: 

I would like to:
  • Run 2 competitions
  • Relax more / Take more time off work
  • Invest more time, energy and love in my blog
  • See my friends more often
  • Travel more then in 2012 (or just as much as in 2011)
  • Finish the big to-do-list of our house (and have a big big housewarming party!)
  • Buy a Wang handbag
  • Wear more Nailpolish
  • Buy a pair of leather pants

I would like to maintain: 
  • My healthy eating (which is not always healthy, but balanced)
  • My work-outs at the gym (which I'm actually currently slaking....by the way)
  • The amount of quality time spend with my man
  • The amount of music festivals I have visited in 2012 (which was 4)
  • Being Happy
I think it's also important to think about the things that are going well in your life. Things that you would like to maintain. Don't forget: you'll never know what you got till it's gone.
As you can see, I have a few very mainstream goals and some more specific (Buy a Wang!). In the end I'm just hoping that 2013 can be such a blast as 2012! If I reach all these goals or not. And no: I'm not known to be a quiter. So don't worry about my attitude. For instance: buying a Wang is super great, but if I didnt happen, well then I'll just have to see what 2014 will bring. :)

I'm off to work on one of my goals: Relax more!

HAPPY 2013

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Photo: by My life as Matt

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