Details: Feeling Grey


Photo from a never published outfit shoot. I was kinda under the weather, so all the pics weren't blog-worthy. I leave you with a detail shot of what I was wearing.
By the way: I seriously bought the Primark Jumper for 5 euro's, could not believe it. I thought 10 euro's (the original price) was a bargain, but on the receipt I saw that it was half price. Not so sure about the quality though, but it's like my dad says about stuff that's made in China: "Quality is coincidence". I guess that this also is the case for Primark.

See-through Jumper: Primark | Jeans: Zara | Bag: H&M | Necklace: fashionology

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Photo's: by My life as Matt and me edited by me


Personal: Pinkpop Recap

A little recap to show you guys the fabulous time I had at Pinkpop last weekend!
I had such a great time, seeing the awesome performers, chilling the grass, drinking beer and to top that all of: seeing The Boss! No, I'm not a hardcore Springsteen fan, but since I have been brought with the music I kinda like Bruce. And come on, when I get old, I hope my husband will look and move so good as he does!
Anyhow: I had a great time! I loved the performance of The Blood Red Shoes, they are definitely my Pinkpop 2012 find! Well festival season has really begun, and now we wait for Rock Werchter....  
I'm loving it! :)
Oh, by the way: Yesterday I had my semi-annual appointment with my hairdresser. Check my facebook page to see the result! :)

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Photo's: by My life as Matt and me edited by me


Outfit: Lost in Summer

Whooh dude! It's summer all right! 
And I'm loving it to it's fullest, so I have been a little AFK from social media and my blog. 
Today I went chilling at a lake in a village just a couple of miles from my home town. The weather was great. 
This is what I was wearing, a summery chilling outfit. Now in the weekend I can finally wear my new sweat shorts. I love them, think I'll be wearing them all summer. Too bad I can't wear them to the office, otherwise I wouldn't take them off. 
Well about the rest of my weekend: going to Pinkpop tomorrow to see The Boss in real life! And of course Mumford & Sons and all the other cool bands. Can't wait! 
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I'm wearing:
Tee: Pull & bear | Sweat Shorts: H&M | Hat: Jay, Jays (bought in New Zealand) | Bag: New Look | Flip Flops: Rip Curl | Sunnies: H&M | Bracelets: H&M, Saint Tropez

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Photo's: by My life as Matt edited by me


Outfit: Why I Love Weekends!

The title and the Blackberry photo say enough! Still not sure what message I'm sending?
Why I love weekends? (especially during summer!) Three words: Shorts, shorts, shorts.
I'm a (Dutch) Kiwi born and raised, so all I need is a pair of shorts and flip flops (we kiwi's call them jandals by the way) and your good to go.

Happy Saturday!

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Photo's by me (blackberry) 


D.I.Y. Tutorial: Tie Dye Shorts

After seeing all the tie dye items on the catwalk (think Isabel Marant) I decided to make my own tie dye shorts. (Sorry miss Marant, I just can't spend that kind of money on a pair of shorts at this time in my life :))

So this is my first ever DIY project. I wasn't planning on posting the process of my new shorts, but since I take photo's of everything I do with my Blackberry, and some of you guys were asking about them I decided to make this tutorial. 

You'll need:
- Pair of jeans (the darker the jeans, the better it'll work)
- Rubber bands (I used 8)
- Bucket
- Thick bleach
- Household gloves
- Sharp scissors 
- Measuring tape
- Optional: sewing machine

Step 1: Twist the legs of the jeans in knots and place a rubber band on them to hold it in it's place. Roll and the twist, and put rubber bands around the jeans until you have a little package. Make sure it'll all stay in place. It is better to soak your jeans in water first, so it'll roll easier; but I forgot to do that. 

Step 2: Fill a bucket with warm water and add a generous amount of thick bleach. I used 1/3 of the bottle. But pored more in over the amount of time, because I was getting impatient. 
Also the jeans I used weren't that dark, and were second hand (thanks mum!) so I found them hard to bleach. If you use new dark jeans, the effect will be better visible. I left the jeans in there for nearly 24 hours. But I recommend you to check after 10 hours. If you use a cheaper style jeans, it could get holes in the fabric if you leave them in too long. 

Step 3: Rinse out your jeans. Make sure you were gloves, and don't breath in all the chlorine. I seriously got high during this part. Remove all the rubber bands and rinse again. 

Step 4: Pop your jeans for a short cycle in the washing machine. I actually washed it twice, once with detergent, but I used so much that I did another cycle without adding anything. (After this the jeans still smell of chlorine though). 

Step 5: Let the jeans dry

Step 6: When completely dry, put your jeans on to see where you want to cut them. Make sure to leave a little fabric if you want to make a hem of some kind. Use your measuring tape to make sure both legs are the same length. 

Step 7: Cal your mum! ;) Seriously, I had to call my mum and pop over there to have access to a sewing machine. I choose to just stitch it loosely around the bottom, so the ends would look a ruffled. I wear the seem flipped up (see the last picture). 

Step 8: Combine you new tie dye shorts to create a great outfit & enjoy summer! 

By the way: I choose to first tie dye the jeans, before cutting them short; because then I had more fabric to twist, and gave a better dye result. But you can easily do it the other way round if you prefer. 

Hope you liked my first tutorial. I would love to hear your comments and questions!

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Outfit: Can you paint with all the colours of the wind

Oh yeah baby! It's Summer in the Netherlands. But I have to sit in an office for 40+ hours! So this is what I wore a few days ago (with lower temperatures though... wouldn't wear long black leggings with 30 degrees) when I didn't have to meet any clients.
This look reminds me a little of Pocahontas, nothing wrong with a little Disney once in a while.

I'm wearing:
Tunic: Vero Moda | Bodycon dress & leggings: H&M | Shoes: Minnetonka via Mooie Schoenen | Barcelets: Fashionology | Sunnies: H&M

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Photo: by My life as Matt edited by me


New in: Fake Tee

I know: another "new in" post. But I FINALLY got my hands on this Zoe Karssen tee!
I wanted a Tee of Zoe Karssen for such a long time, but usually my size is sold out or I didn't have the money to spend on it. Last week I found this shirt online: And it was in my size! Yeah!
I also love the print. My goal in life is being true to people, always, even during job interviews. But one can ask the question: are you really true? or just a version of yourself that you think is true? When is a person showing his true colours? In an anger fit? How hard it sounds, I think that all people have a true but also their fake side. It's like the modern saying I last read: Nobody is as ugly as their passport photo, but no one is a beautiful as their profile photo. So I just choose to be true, and tell the world that I'm fake...

Anyhow: I love this shirt, that part is true.

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Photo: by me


New in: Arm Candy

Bought these H&M Fashion Against Aids bracelet & cuff a while ago, but forgot to post them!
Their great! Spice every outfit up, and the best part is: you are actually donating to a good cause! (No, your wardrobe is not a good cause...)

What did you get from the H&M Fashion Against Aids Collection?

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Photo: by H&M collage by me


Outfit: Walking in Different Shoes

Behold! Me wearing shoes that are Not-All Stars!
As promised an outfit post wearing my new shoes that I got at Mango. For the people following me on facebook no surprise, since the image of these beauties was on there a week ago. (Not following me on facebook?? Do it here!) Well I love these new booties. Bought them for work, so I wear heels more often. I do own a lot of heels but all of them are pumps, and running around in the office, riding my bike, fetching trains, I mange to loose one of shoes or slip out of them.... Hopefully these booties will prevent that from happening!

I'm wearing:
Black heels: Mango | Pants: Pull & Bear | Destroyed Tee: Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville for H&M | Sunnies: H&M | Bag: Mango | Cross Bangle: Fashionology | Leather Bracelet: H&M men

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Photo: by My life as Matt edited by me


Personal: All Stars Love

Yeah... I promised you less All Stars... can't help it: It's love, baby!
But at least I'm wearing different All Stars then in all my outfit posts! The other pair of feet are my BF's... and yeah: we own the same shoes; we have done from the moment we started dating (which is over 8 years ago...). All Stars equal love in my book.

Happy Saturday!

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Photo: by My life as Matt edited by me


Outfit: Smells Like Festival Season

Next week I'll be at the Pinkpop festival! Can't wait! (see my festival post here!)
I kicked-off festival season with a food festival in my hometown called: Hap Stap. Well, eating all these fancy foods is a little different to listing to rock music, while dancing in the mud. At least the beer, paper plates, grass and stage's where the same!
So this is what I want to wear to Pinkpop next week.. Not sure what the weather will do...otherwise imagine this outfit with a jumper and a jacket on top. How we all love the Dutch unpredictable weather!

I'm wearing:
Nirvana Top: H&M | Skinny jeans: Zara | Scarf: Cotton On (bought in New Zealand) | Vest: Red Herring |  Sunnies: America Today | My arm party was the feature of yesterday's post: here

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Photo's: by My life as Matt edited by me


Details: Arm Party

Aint no party like an Arm Party! 

I'm wearing:
All Bracelets: Fashionology | Nailpolish: White Hema & Cracking Top Coat Catrice

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Photo's: by My life as Matt edited by me


Outfit: Mothers Day

Sunday it was Mothers day! A lovely day to give thanks to your mum for all the stuff she does during the year for you. But actually I do think that you shouldn't wait for that ONE day a year to say thanks, but be grateful for all the stuff you take for granted every day of the year. So here goes: Thanks mum! :)
By the way I did do my best, by going the extra mile and actually wearing a dress! The image of me wearing a dress is getting very rare these last few months. I should wear them more often. And yeah: I'm wearing my black all stars again. Can't help myself, I love those shoes.
Anyhow, in the second photo you see my brother and me, very colour-coordinated, don't you think?
The last photo is the pavlova (this is New Zealand dessert) that mum made Sunday. Yummy aye?

I'm wearing:
Dress: H&M | Shoes: Converse All Stars | Bag: Mango | Leather Jacket: Trish Summerville for H&M | Scarf: H&M | Sunnies: America Today

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Photo's: by My life as Matt edited by me


Inspiration: Festival Season

I love festivals!!!!
I was reading some magazines this weekend and all these festival outfits, must see, must do, must listen, etc. I can't wait! Starting the festival season with Pinkpop in 2 weeks time. After that visiting at least two more, Rock Werchter and Parkpop, but who knows which last minute decisions the BF and me make!

1| Magazines on my bed: Oor & Grazia
2| Love those wellies!
3| Just enjoying the music is all that matters
4| Want that tatt
5| The crowd; feel that vibe!

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

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Photo's: by me, random Google (Glastonbury, Coachella) , Stockholm Streetstyle 


Event: Just Add Colour

Mega picture overload!!! Today I attended the Converse Event in Maasmechelen Village where you can buy a pair of All Stars and get them pimped by graffiti artists. (see more here) I had such a lovely time with the friendly staff of the Converse Shop and the artists.
Because I had so many pictures I wanted to show you, I made three collages.
1| The biggest shoe in the world (it's a Euro size 845!) see how small I look next to the shoe!
2| The event: images of the Converse Shop in Maasmechelen Village and the graffiti artists doing their magic!
3| The result of my shoes! I'm adore them. Love the minty colour, and love the joke that the artist made: Amy, on a bad day, you'll still know which shoe'll go on which foot! That is actually quite a good cheat for me, since I rarely know which side is left or right... (seriously!)

If you want to get your hands on pair of customized All Stars make sure you go to Maasmechelen Village during this promotion. For more info see here. The artists will make you shoes exactly how you want them, or use their own creativity if you desire that.

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Photo's: by Frank Villevoije & me (edited by me) 


Advertorial: Just Add Colour

Aren't Converse All Stars like the best sneakers around? If you are a regular on my blog, you must know that I love to wear my lovely Chucks. Maasmechelen Village has an amazing event planned: when you get a pair of white all stars, graffiti artists will pimp them for free. Maasmechellen Village has invited me to come down there this Saturday and check it out, so watch this space for more on this great  event!

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Outfit: Pink Love

Wearing my new scarf, got it for 1 euro at Primark. Seriously, I apologize for  all the mean things I have said about Primark. I now have crush on this shop! Needlessly to that there was much more in that big brown paper bag then just that scarf. To be continued...

I'm wearing
Pants: Zara | Scarf: Primark | Sneakers: Converse All Stars | Top: H&M | Jacket: Trish Summerville for H&M | Bag: Mango | Necklace: Fashionology

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Photo's: by My life as Matt 

Ps: New items added at my closet sale on marktplaats!


New in: V-dress

Yesterday was the day that the Bavaria V-dress finally was available at the Albert Heijn (supermaket). Yeah, it was available online for quite a while, and usually I love to shop online, but come on: 5 euro  postage, on a item that costs only 10 euro's?? Yeah, I'm cheap. But I'm a Dutch Kiwi so what do you expect?
Anyhow: What is better then buying beer and getting a free dress? I like!
Bring on the football season!

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Diary: Viva La Weekend

Hello lovely readers! Since I've had a busy weekend with not much time to shoot outfit pics, I thought it might be nice to share some of my blackberry pics with you.

So what are you looking at:
My morning Cafe Latte | Outfit details whilst shopping | Reading a good book while drinking & snacking | Pink outfit details | Dinner with the girls #1 | Dinner with the girls #2 | Chilling time with my new Primark fugly slippers | Before competing in my first ever run competition last Sunday outfit details #1 | Run outfit details #2

I had a great weekend, spend time with friends, my boyfriend and ran a very good time in the comp.
Hope you all have good week!!

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Photo: Blackberry pics by me

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Outfit: Back To My Roots

Relaxed weekend look. Wish the weather would be a little warmer though.Would love to wear this without tights. Some of you might know that I'm Dutch but also part Kiwi (aka New Zealander) in these pictures I'm wearing a native Maori Fish Hook necklace; part of my roots.
Tomorrow I'm participating in my first run competition; will let you know how that went.
For now I'll leave you with the outfit.

Denim shirt: Bershka | Skirt: Bershka | Shoes: Minnetonka via Mooieschoenen.nl |

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Photo's: by My life as Matt

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Personal: Girls Will Be Girls

What can I say; sometimes I realize I will never grow up! Some fun time with one of my besties at Pull & Bear Rotterdam.

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Outfit: Black Leopard

One of my outfits I wore last week. Combined my sheer black blouse with my faded leopard pants and black jacket. Love to wear printed pants alot these days.

I'm wearing:
Leopard pants: H&M | Sheer Black Blouse: Pull 'nd Bear | Black Blazer: H&M | Boots: Stylist Own | Necklace: ASOS

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Photo's: by My life as Matt edited by me

Ps: New items added at my closet sale on marktplaats!
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