New in: Fake Tee

I know: another "new in" post. But I FINALLY got my hands on this Zoe Karssen tee!
I wanted a Tee of Zoe Karssen for such a long time, but usually my size is sold out or I didn't have the money to spend on it. Last week I found this shirt online: And it was in my size! Yeah!
I also love the print. My goal in life is being true to people, always, even during job interviews. But one can ask the question: are you really true? or just a version of yourself that you think is true? When is a person showing his true colours? In an anger fit? How hard it sounds, I think that all people have a true but also their fake side. It's like the modern saying I last read: Nobody is as ugly as their passport photo, but no one is a beautiful as their profile photo. So I just choose to be true, and tell the world that I'm fake...

Anyhow: I love this shirt, that part is true.

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