Event: Just Add Colour

Mega picture overload!!! Today I attended the Converse Event in Maasmechelen Village where you can buy a pair of All Stars and get them pimped by graffiti artists. (see more here) I had such a lovely time with the friendly staff of the Converse Shop and the artists.
Because I had so many pictures I wanted to show you, I made three collages.
1| The biggest shoe in the world (it's a Euro size 845!) see how small I look next to the shoe!
2| The event: images of the Converse Shop in Maasmechelen Village and the graffiti artists doing their magic!
3| The result of my shoes! I'm adore them. Love the minty colour, and love the joke that the artist made: Amy, on a bad day, you'll still know which shoe'll go on which foot! That is actually quite a good cheat for me, since I rarely know which side is left or right... (seriously!)

If you want to get your hands on pair of customized All Stars make sure you go to Maasmechelen Village during this promotion. For more info see here. The artists will make you shoes exactly how you want them, or use their own creativity if you desire that.

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Photo's: by Frank Villevoije & me (edited by me) 


  1. Anonymous13/5/12 19:41

    Love the big one!



  2. Dat lijkt me leuk om te doen :)


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