Inspiration: Festival Season

I love festivals!!!!
I was reading some magazines this weekend and all these festival outfits, must see, must do, must listen, etc. I can't wait! Starting the festival season with Pinkpop in 2 weeks time. After that visiting at least two more, Rock Werchter and Parkpop, but who knows which last minute decisions the BF and me make!

1| Magazines on my bed: Oor & Grazia
2| Love those wellies!
3| Just enjoying the music is all that matters
4| Want that tatt
5| The crowd; feel that vibe!

Are you going to any festivals this summer?

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Photo's: by me, random Google (Glastonbury, Coachella) , Stockholm Streetstyle 

1 comment:

  1. Heerlijk deze inspiratie foto's!!

    By the way, doe je mee met mijn giveaway!? Misschien wat voor jou, aangezien je van feestjes houd!


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