Inspiration: The Snow is falling

OMG it is snowing!
And to be honest, I only enjoy the first sight of the snow falling, after that I really hate it!
Because the snow is only fun when it's falling; afterwards it becomes this ice layer to the roads, which means that I can't wear heels or nice shoes for weeks, I have the risk of falling on my butt with every step I take, and the worst of all: that I have to get up 1 hour earlier to get to work on time.
So to get out of my bad mood I Googled some pictures about the beauty of the winter and the snow, which I wanted to share with you guys. Hoping that I'm not the only one feeling better by seeing these pics. 

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Photo's: various tumbler


Outfit: All Black with some Grey

Very simple outfit I wore Saturday, we went furniture shopping to pimp our apartment. 

I'm wearing:
Poncho: Pieces | Black Blazer: H&M | Skinny Jeans: H&M | Pistol Boots: Sacha | Bag: Zara


Wishlist: Black heels

I have been drooling over Alexander Wang Heels for ages, but safe to say I love to wear flats everyday.
So instead of paying big bucks for the lovely heels of wany, I have found these heels in the Zara webshop which will be a good start. see if I can manage walking on these shoes allday. And if I pass this test, then maybe oneday I can buy the shoes of Mister Wang.

Basic Sandal: Zara

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Photo's: Zara.com


Outfit: I'll be waiting...

Oh you're eyes so blue your smile so wide
I think about you everyday and every night
I'll be waiting, waiting for you...

Troubled Soul - Amy MacDonald 

Wearing my new knit, which I purchased this weekend.
It is so me: oversized, grey and stars! 
I got it at Saint Tropez; a new store in the city where I live. 
They had massive sale, so I purchased some nice items which I'll show you guys very soon.

Fun Fact: This is my #100 post! Milestone! Yeah!

I'm wearing:
Grey Knit: Saint Tropez | Leather leggings: H&M | Biker boots: ZARA | Scarf & Beanie: H&M men


Outfit: The masked ball

I attended a masked ball last Saturday eve. 
Since I don't have any good pics of me wearing my outfit, I choose to show you in an alternative way.
I choose to wear a short dress, because my legs are tanned for like the first time in my entire life, so I wanted to show them off. This dress has a high waist which creates the illusion I have really long legs. To help that illusion a little bit more I wore my highest heels. 

I'm was wearing:
Dress: H&M |  Pump court heels: H&M |Clutch H&M | Mask: Party Shop

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Photo's: by me


Outfit: Motorcycle Chic

My outfit I was wearing yesterday. Had a lovely day with my bf in town.
The skirt I'm wearing is actually a dress, which you see here.
The scarf I'm wearing I bought on holiday in New Zealand.
I love this scarf, especially since it's a really good  fake Alexander McQueen skull scarf.

I'm wearing:
Skirt: Vero Moda | Blazer: ZARA | Jeans shirt: New Yorker | Biker boots: ZARA | Skull scarf: Cotton on | Cross necklace: Fashionology  | Leather gloves: Hema (very old)

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Photo's: MG


Wishlist: Curved Heels

As seen on Lindsay Lohan; the Walter Steiger Oscar Ankle boot!
When I saw these photo's I fell in love with these boots.
But safe to say: way over my budget!
Topshop had a knock-off on sale, but it's not in their webshop anymore.

What do you say about these heels?
Yay or Nay?

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Photo: tumbler


Outfit: Northern Comfort

My jet lag is almost over; thank god! But I'm still getting used to the early mornings and the cold here!
So I choose ultimate comfort!

I'm wearing: 
Grey knit sweater: ZARA | Long Tee: ZARA | Harem jeans: H&M | Boots: UGGS

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Photo's: MG


New in: The Mad Hatter in New Zealand

This is not a fashionpost, but I just couldn't resist posting these photo's.
I have heaps of pictures, so guess some more posts will follow.
All these photo's where taken in the Coromandel, such a beautiful region!
To get back to fashion: don't you love my hat? 
Bought in New Zealand, wore it every single day of my trip.


Personal: I'm back!

I'm back! I've been backpacking in New Zealand for the past 4 weeks.
Did you miss me? Well I surely missed blogging!
Just wanted to show you a holiday pic. 
Since backpacking and fashion don't really match up, you have to be patient a little while longer.
My jetlag and I are getting ready for work as we speak, will update my blog very shortly!
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