Outfit: Viva La Festival

I love festivals! Thought I should open with a statement, just in case you are not a frequent follower of my blog! Well as we speak I'm dancing around in the mud, drinking beers and enjoying lost of great music at the Rock Werchter festival. And this is an outfit you can spot me in this weekend.

I'm wearing:
Leather Shorts: Vintage/Episode | Tee: Zoe Karssen | Bag: Guardian Angel by Vlieger & Vandam | Sneakers: Converse | Armcuff: Fashion Against Aids for H&M | Cross Bangle: fashionology | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Nail polish: Catrice

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Casual Chic

And now for something different. I thought that I owed it to you guys to show you a more feminine outfit. And I owed it to these great heels to take them out for stroll. The case is: The bf really hates these heels, so they don't get out much. This is what I was wearing to a little party after work yesterday eve. I do think that I have misjudged the length of the skirt though! Why does every skirt crawl up?

What is your opinion on my heels? Do you have the same opinion as my bf?

I'm wearing:
Black Skirt: H&M Trend | Strappy Heels: Zara | Grey Tee: Zara | Perforated Bag: H&M Trend | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Asos | Cross Bangle: Fashionology

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Number 85

Saturday's outfit. I was running errands all day, and I only had a short night of sleep. So easy was key. Since I also needed to test my tent for the upcoming festivals, it all had to be really comfy aswell. So what better to wear then this Isabel Marant inspired tee that I got from Nelly.com? Paired up with sneakers and jeans, and I was good to go!

Did you have a nice weekend?
I'm wearing:
Number Tee: Nelly trend | Grey top: Bershka | Jeans: H&M | Sneakers: Nike | Bag: H&M trend | Mini armparty: Fashionology + H&M | Nailpolish: Catrice

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New in: Mango Sale Shopping

Yes I did it again! I was not going to shop for clothes today, cause we were shopping for the festival we are going to next week. But then I ran into these lovely booties. I already have them in black, and wear them alot! (see here) I thought I could use them in this brown colour as well. Since I only own black heels, these are perfect for summer at the office (yes, those are my summer plans...). And as it was meant to be, I found these boots in this colour. Just one pair left. In my size. On sale. This was fate!
I already knew that they were sold-out online, so these baby's needed to come home with me.
Love these shoes, but on the other hand I do feel a little stupid owning the same shoe twice in a different colour (okay, Converse All Stars don't count! Since I own those in different colours).

Did you get anything good in the sale?
Have a nice weekend!

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Photo: Mango


New in: H&M Trend Sale Shopping

I did some H&M trend sale shopping last week. This massive bag arrived from H&M last Friday, and after a big and hard selection process, I've added these three items to my wardrobe.
That these three items were keepers was quite obvious since I have been craving the perforated bag and the neon peplum top for quite a while, so when I saw 50% off, there was no turning back. I clicked these items home! The skirt I'm keeping because it just fits me like glove. It's great! I was eyeing the leather skirt with the transparent layer (some bloggers have it in white, lovely piece!), but because of my curves it just didn't look right (and feel right!), so I'm really happy to have found a replacement in this sporty skirt.  
I can't wait to wear these three items together. But knowing me, I have to wait for the sun to shine first, and for the perfect occasion second. 'Cause I'm more the type for easy laid-back non-feminine looks. So stay tuned!

PS: The bag and the top are sold-out, but the skirt is this available if you are interested! Find it here!

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Photo's: H&M / Collage by me


Outfit: Supporting in Neon

My outfit from last Sunday! Because it was the day of the last match of the Dutchies at the European Championships, and yes: we lost! So my neon orange pants didn't help! Well at least the boyfriend and I had a fun day visting my father and his father (it was father's day...) and we went to the parc with lovely Zipp. The dog of my in-laws. She got so tired playing around with my bf, it was fun to see!

I'm wearing:
Grey top: Zara | Neon pants: Dept demin department | Sneakers: All Stars | Bag: H&M | Armcuff: Fashion Against Aids for H&M |

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Outfit: Monsieur Karssen & My Guardian Angel

New outfit post! With my new sweat and my new clutch.
I love this relaxed look, could wear this everday.

I'm wearing:
Sweat: Zoe Karssen | Leather pants: H&M | Pistol Clutch: Guardian Angel by Vlieger & Vandam | Sneakers: All Stars | Grey Tee: Zara | Nailpolisch: O.P.I.

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New in: Vlieger & Vandam Guardian Angel

Finally received my birthday present this weekend: the Guardian Angel clutch from Vlieger & Vandam.
I'm so happy!

PS: the promised blog post will be online tomorrow!

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Photo: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Tie Dye in Pink

Wearing my new pink tie dye pants. Love them! 
I was wearing this outfit when I went to the movies with the BF. Watched Snow White and the Huntsman, loved that movie!
TGIF! Have a good weekend folks!!

I'm wearing:
Pink tie dye pants: Primark | White dipped hem tee: H&M | Scarf: Primark | Sweat Blazer: H&M | Shoes: Minnetonka via Mooie Schoenen | Bag: New Look | Necklace: Asos

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New in: Zoe Karssen

As you could read in my last post I visited the Zoe Karssen Sample Sale in Amsterdam last Saturday (here).
These were my buys! Since I have been buys quite alot of items lately (not spending much money though!) I had restricted myself to only buying the items I really wanted. And Thank God for me, all three items were on my wishlist! A simple basic tee, the Monsieur Karssen sweat and the I'm so Rock n' Roll Tee. As you might have noticed these items were on my fashionalista account (here) and on my b-day wishlist (here).

What do you think of my buys? Did you also attend the sample sale?
Love to hear from you!

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Photo's & collage: by me


Outfit: Enjoying Amsterdam

Saturday BF and I enjoyed a lovely day in Amsterdam. We started the day with the Sample Sale of Zoe Karssen. It was really relaxed, hardley anyone there and all the famous shirts for fraction of the price. Big Score. More on that later this week. Afterwards we strolled around Amsterdam, had coffee & cheese cake, shopped at Waterlooplein, 9 straatjes et cetra. We enjoyed a big bowl of Chai Latte at Starbucks. In the early evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner (nope, didn't watch the game...) afterwards we visited the Anne Frank house, since the BF hadn't ever been there.
What did you do this weekend?

Well this was my outfit; I was kinda cold when we shot these pics. And my hair is one big mess; thank you Dutch weather!

I'm wearing:
Suede Jacket: Bandolera | Jeans shirt: New Yorker | Printed Tee: Zara | Scarf: Pieces via Men at Work | Leopard Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Minnetonka via Mooie Schoenen | Fringe bag: H&M

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Outfit: Back to Black

As promised the whole outfit! This is what I was wearing after work lats Friday (I had my hair loose and was wearing heels to work). The wind was blowing really hard when we trying to shoot this look, as you can see because my hair is all over the place!
Back to the look: love this totally dark look, so good to wear to the office, and still have a causal feeling. I found this sequin vest in the back of my closet, totally forgot that i owed this lovely item. I'm gonna wear it more often.
Well have to run, the workweek is starting again.

Happy Monday!

I'm wearing:
Sequin vest: Dept | Tee: COS | Skinny: Zara | Sneakers: Nike | Necklace & Cross Bangle: Fashionology | Sunnies: America Today

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Preview: Back to Black

I have been of the blog-radar the last two days. I have enjoyed my weekend to the fullest!
Spend Saturday in Amsterdam with my BF (more on that later this week). Today I had a chill Sunday, went for a morning run, ran some errands and went to the movies. Watched Snow White and the Huntsman. I loved the movie (bf not so much as I did haha). Hope you all had / are having a lovely weekend!

I'll leave you with a preview of my next post! Stay tuned!

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Outfit: Tie Dye Chino's

Simple outfit I was wearing yesterday. My new Tie Dye Chino's, I love the relaxed fit.
Well I go to run, last workingday of the week!
Have you nice plans for the weekend?
Chino's: Dept denim department (Libra, special Chino) | Jacket: Zara | Top: H&M | Scarf: Vila | Necklace : H&M | Sneakers: Converse | Belt: H&M

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Photo: by My life as Matt


Outfit: Lost & Found

An outfit I shot in March, but somehow never posted on the blog. (Back then I shot more outfits I guess).
With the current weather in the Netherlands I could be wearing this simple outfit right now...
Hope summer will come back soon!

Leather Jacket: Dragon Tattoo Collection from H&M | Tee: COS | Jeans: H&M | Sneakers: Converse

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Photo: by My life as Matt


Outfit: The Pajama Pants

What I was wearing last Sunday. I was literally freezing my ass off! Is this spring?
Since I really like to wear easy outfits in the weekend, the new pajama-pants-trend is totally me!
This means I can go out stylish, but still have the feeling of wearing my easy pajama's!
I got these pants months ago at Primark... yup, still a fan! I have this tendency that if I like something I cling on and go in for the full 100%. Just like wearing my all stars everyday, I'm now into Primark. Bet this is boring for you guys as reader of my blog, isn't it? Anyhow: I love this easy outfit! Now for summer to return, so I can wearing these pants without getting cold!

I'm wearing:
Pajama Pants: Primark | White Tee: H&M | Suede Jacket: Bandolera | Grey Suede bag: H&M | Sneakers: Converse All Stars | Scarf: Berhska | Necklace: H&M

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Photo's: by My life as Matt and me edited by me

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