Men: A Colourful Spring


It's been a while since my first men-post. I have been quite busy, which I means I haven't been reading up on male fashion. Yesterday I stumbeld upon the new spring line of H&M men. Totally love the prints and the colour. Men should wear this more often. I for one, would love it if my man would wear these outfits. 

What do you think? Colour and prints for men: Yay or Nay?

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Photo's by H&M collage by me


Outfit: Always be Batman!

IMG_9975 IMG_9970 IMG_9973 IMG_9969 IMG_9964
Pictureoverload! Since I got so many comments and questions regarding the batman sweat I just needed to post this whole outfit now. (Eventhough I will be late for work now...)
Anyhow: the batman sweat, combined in a Amy-way. I'm wearing this urban-ish style quite alot these days; well on the weekends that is. I love big sweaters, my adidas kicks (they are so warm!) and a leather legging to create some edge to it. These leggings got ripped over Christmas (as some of you saw on my instagram account @amysfashionscrapbook) but I choose not to throw them away. They are old, but so comfy, and the hole makes it a litt;le more interesting if you ask me. (That I'm living on a budget has nothing to do with it ;))
So what are your thougths on the new sweat?
Ps: On a personal note: I just got my tickets for my 3rd festival for this summer! Seriously can't wait! Bring on festival season! Do you have some Summer plans already lined up?

I'm wearing:

Batman Sweat: Asos | Leather Jacket: Trish Summervill Dragon Tattoo collection for H&M | Grey top: Primark | Faux Leather leggings: H&M | Kicks: Adidas | Scarf: The Grey concept for H&M Divided | Beanie: H&M men

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


New in: Batman Sweat


Well now this post seems a little like last post, but it's not! This is my new sweat! Since I'm not able to taake pictures at the moment (it's to dark, since I'm writing this om Thursday eve...), but I really wanted to share what the postman brought me: my new BATMAN sweat!

Picked it up at Asos while they had there Valentine's day discount. This sweat has been on my wishlist for like a month, couldn't find an excuse why I neede it. Well discount is the best excuse ever, don't you agree?
For you guys who missed the discountcode, make sure to like my facebookpage, I post the discountcodes I find on there!

Well TGIF! Have you got something nice planned?
I'm going to Gent tomorrow! All tips & suggestions, are welcome!

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Photo's by Asos, collage by me


Zoe Karssen Knock-off


When I was flipping through the new items at Zara, I saw this sweat with a big Z printed on it. For some reason I thougth I had seen it before. Last night it finally struck me; the sweats are a knock-off of Zoe Karssen's Z tops. She has a whole range of tops and sweats with a Z printed on it.
I really adore everything about Zoe Karssen, Want the whole collection (everytime!) so I won't be buying the zara knock-off, but it is safe to say that it is half the price that Mr & Mrs Karssen are asking for their top.

Which one do you prefer?

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Photo's by Zara.com & zoekarssen.com, collage by me


Diary: The first of February

Iphone Amy5

A little overdue, I planned this post half way of february; but time has caught-up with me a little too fast! Well, what have I been up to?
- First up Running! I have been enjoying my Nike Element Shield (seriously, the best tight one can get in the winter)
- This cute Happy Phantom toy by Discodip was the perfect present for a little newborn girl!
- Pancakes! Need I say more?
- Insta my man made of me while we we're enjoying this new unknown folk band in a local pub. Love it! (Since it was a "work-night" I choose to drink coke, that surprised everyone... ;))

Iphone Amy6

- In the second week of february I went for more runs! Really getting the hang of it, and it is going better every time. Meet my new shining run jacket from H&M. Seriously; since it is totally made of reflecting material, I look like a little light bulb running around my home-town, underneath the street lights. Not so sure what I think of that fact by the way.....
- Meatballs! Best food in Amsterdam! Seriously; you should check it out when you have the chance. Tip: The garlic chicken meatball, is really garlic first and chicken second...
- Say hello to my new boyfriend... ;)
- Valentine's day... <3

Well these where the highlights of my weeks; next week I'll post the secoond half of February. But if you can't wait, or want to see more pics, just follow me on instagram: @amysfashionscrapbook

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Photo's and collage by me


Outfit: Black at the Office





Back in my comfort-zone! Back to black! Wearing a skirt again, for a change! This is what I was wearing last week to the office. Seeing these pics make me realize I should really clean my pistol boots. They are the perfect office shoe; easy to walk in, comfortable and have heels. So I have been wearing mine a little too often, so it seems. Firt serious outfitpost where you can see my shorter hair. Finally got used to the fact that I have 20cm shorter hair. 

I'm wearing:
Black Trenchcoat: Zara | Grey Knit: Zara | White top: H&M | Skirt: H&M trend | Pistol Boots: Sacha | Bag: H&M trend | Necklace: H&M | Scarf: the grey concept by H&M Divided

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Photo's: by My life as Matt


100 likes! Thank You!

100ste like

Thank you guys!
I haven't been blogging one weekend and this is what I woke up to this morning? The 100th like on my facebook-page! Since I haven't been promoting my channels lately (only under every post) I didn;t expect to gain many followers; but nevertheless: I passed into the 3 digits. Hurray!
Thanks for you support; and I'll keep up the good work!
I had such a busy weekend, so the plan is to update the blog tonight or early tomorrow morning! Stay tuned!

And in the mean time, follow me:

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Photo: by me


Outfit: A Colourful Challenge


Bad blogger, I know! Been so busy with work. And I wasn't too sure about these pics; still not though. Last week I recieved a challenge by one of my readers: wear an all colour outfit. I thougth it was easy, grabbing my red pants and grey sweat. While I was trying it on, the thougth crept to mind, that that was not what she meant. Well I dug up this sweat in my men's wardrobe (which is actually quite nice, I mmay borrow it more often, but then I will pair it up with grey or black).
This Sunday I was facing another challenge: I didn't have a photographer; so I climbed on my terrace and tried out my tripod. As you can see I need alot of practice in the self portrait department; but I enjoyed myself figuring it all out.
So next time I'll do better; but this is all a learning thing, isn't it?
And to be honest... I'm never going to wear so much colour again... it's not my thing!

well off to work now; last day of the week! So busy!
Hope you have a great weekend planned!

Ps: If somebody has a new challenge outfit-wise (or whatever) please contact me; and I'll see what I can do!

I'm wearing:
Sweater: H&M men | Jeans: Zara TRF | Custom All Stars: Converse

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Food: Apple Bites


Since Cosmo gets away with it, then why can't I get away with it? This was the first thing that popped intoo my head this morning. What am I talking about? Posting recipes in a fashionmagazine, or fashionblog! Well, I'm kinda falling of my religion in 2013, writing about sports, menswear and food; but actually: I'm quite liking the fact that I can share all my passions here with you guys (and since I kinda bought a house, my shoppingbudget has shrunk, so I have found new hobbies to kill time...).

Well Sunday morning is my baking morning; I get up early (hangover or not) and bake something; ussualy scones or muffins. This Sunday I made a recipe inspired by a pic I pinned on pinterest.
Fancy some bite-size apple munchies? Follow these easy steps!

You'll need:
- 4 sheets of puffpastry (deforsted)
- 1 big apple (peeled)
- 2 table spoons of sugar
- 3 table spoons of cinnamon
- 2 table spoons of melted butter (I used liquid baking butter)
- a sharp knife
- cutting board
- a peeler
- baking tray, lined with baking paper
- 2 small bowls
- a brush
- oven

Iphone Amy4_bewerkt

Step 1:
- Preheat the oven via the intructions on your puff pastry-pack
- Put the butter in bowl
- Mix 2 table spoons of cinnamon and all of the sugar together in a bowl
- Slice your apple in bite size pieces

Step 2:
- Slice the puffpastry in triangles
- Brush some butter on the triangle
- Put an apple piece on a long end of the triangle
- Put a teaspoon of the sugar and cinnanom mix on the apple piece
- Roll the apple in the pastry, to get a little parcell

Step 3:
- Put the apple parcells on the lined baking tin
- Brush some butter on the top of each apple parcell
- Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the little parcells
- Bake the apple parcells in approx. 20 min at 220 degrees celcius*
(Temperatures may vary due to type of oven, and type of puff pastry. Follow the instructions on your puff pastry-pack).

Step 4:
- When nice and golden; get them out of the oven.
- Cool the apple bites on a rack; (some of the sugar and cinnanom can run out through the gaps)

Well I used far too much puff pastry; but to tell you the truth: it was passed it's used-by-date, so I dediced to use all of it. It tasted fine by the way. My man and I ate all these apple bites in less then an hour while watching Dark Shadows on Sunday morning. Love it!

What are your thougts on my recipe? Are you going to try it? And how are you like recipes on my blog? Yay or nay?

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Photo's and collage by me


Wishlist: Wang Fall 13 Shoes

Loving these shoes from the Wang Fall 2013 collection! A few years ago (like 10 years ago...) I used to wear anklewarmers over my pointy shoes everyday. So thanks Mister Wang that I could be of inspiration! ;) 

 What's you opinion: Yay or Nay? 

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Photo's by Glamour.com


Outfit: Chick on Kicks






First outfit wearing my new Adidas kicks; I had already shot an outfit, but it never made the blog because of the bad quality of the photo's, due to bad weather. I was wearing this Sunday after my morningrun; some comfort for my tired body. Since my hair was wet, and tied back, you guys still have no idea about my new hairdo. Will show you soon! :)

I'm wearing:
Quilted Bomber Jacket: Dept | Quilted Sweat: ASOS | Long Grey Top: Primark | Leather Leggings: Zara | Zebra Kicks: Adidas | Scarf: H&M 


New in: Run in Style


As I'm telling you again and again, I'm running. And since I believe that everything should be done in style (or every reason there is to shop: you should!) I clicked some nice traininggear home! Yeah I know it's a little much, because I already have like a whole self in my wardrobe dedicated to sportswear which is seriously jam packed! I work-out a few times a week; so I do need a lot of sportswear.

Well done with all the excuses why I spend a sh*tload of money; what are you looking at:
Black Tank : H&M sportswear | Back Training Jacket: H&M sportswear | Black Tank with print: Nike | Black Element Shield Tight (seriously worth the investment!): Nike | Silver Sports Jacket: H&M | Printed Running Shorts: Nike

As you can see I wear only two brands: H&M and Nike! H&M because it's friendly for my wallet, and you do need a lot sportswear (or doing laundry is one of your hobby's) and pair it up with some quality products from Nike. I have a tight from H&M, which has a perfect fit and is very comfortable, but I can't wear it when  the temperatures are low. I'll freeze my ass off! It's all about mixing and matching.
The only thinng left to do by me is waiting for the mailman for the last items from this list to be delivered!

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Photo's by Nike & H&M, collage by me


Outfit: Leopard, Studs & Long Hair





My last outfit with my long hair; sounds like I have done something drastic? haha Well, it's not that drastic... but a little shorter. More on that later. I was wearing my new shoes! Love them! I also dug up my leopard blouse! Since this print is hanging in every store at the moment. I got this blouse years ago in Antwerp at the H&M for like 10 euros. Good investment ;). 

I'm wearing:
Boyfriend Coat: Mango | Leopard Blouse: H&M (old) | Black Jeans: Zara | Studded Boots: Sacha | Beanie: H&M (men's)


Diary: The end of January

Iphone Amy2

January flew by, literary. Here my second instadiay of 2013. So what have I been up to the last few weeks? If I look in my iphone, it's alot to do with food! Turning in a real foody here! Maybe it's because I finally have kitchen were I can cook and bake, and also: now that I live in the citycenter of Tilburg I go out for food  quite often (which is not so good for my bankaccount and my figure tho).

What are you looking at?
- My new Friday socks! Which wish me a Foxy Friday! / Great lunch with my co-workers in town
- Baked some cupcakes for my mums B-day / My cozy sittingroom

Iphone Amy3

- I'm training for the 13 km in may (here), have a loooong way to go / Breakfast smoothie,do this every morning now! Go me! :)
- The man and me at a concert of an upcoming indie-band / one none-blonde. More on that soon!

Well have you got any nice plans for today? I sure have! More on that in my next diary!
Enjoy your Sunday!

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Photo's: by me

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