DIY: Jack Daniels Tanktop


Last year I visited the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium (see here) there I saw Lana Del Rey perform, and she was wearing a Jack Daniels tanktop. I needed that tanktop. Little did I know, these tops we're going to get sold by the dozen in all the webshops. From the first moment I thougth: I'm gonna buy a male shirt, and make my own. In all the webshops these tops are kinda over-prized, and sold-out in a heartbeat. The only thing was to find a cheap Jack shirt. A few months ago I found one at Play.com for only 12 euro's (including shipping & packing!) and the shirt was deliverd in 24h!

DIY Jack before-after

I'll show you what will be the easiest DIY you'll have seen in your life; transforming this male shirt to a nice tank, to wear to the festivals this summer.

You'll need:


DIY jack daniels

Step 1: Find your picture of inspiration. I googled the pics of Lana at Rock Werchter, just to have a basic idea how far down I would cut the armholes.

Step 2: Try the shirt on. What bits do you want to cut off?

Step 3: Lay your shirt inside-out on flat surface, and start drawing with your make-up pencil what pieces you want to cut off. Start with the first sleeve

Step 4: Cut off the first sleeve, over the line I just had drawn.

Step 5: Fold your shirt in the middle, so you can trace round the cut armhole. This way both armholes will end up similar.

Step 6: After this I cut off the collar. Trying it on everytime I decided to cut something off. For the neckline I just traced stitching on the crewneck. I also cut-off the hem the same way. Just following the stitching with my scissors.

The result:

Onlangs bijgewerkt5

The first snap is from the side; I love how the armholes turned out. For the other two photo's I rolled the fabric underneath my bra straps. This is the hot festovallook. The first photo is with normal fit (see the after photo back up in this post, to see what the front looks like. Since that photo turned out tooo blurry. Sorry!).

I can't wait for festival season to start!

Well I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Since I'm certainly not a DIY-Queen, that's why I rarely blog about it. I think this is my second or third DIY-post in the entire lifetime of my blog.
All comments and DIY-requests are wellcome ;)

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Outfit: Touch of Leopard






Finally an outfit with my lovely Leopard coat; it was such a steal, one of the very last items in the Zara sale that had in my local zara. Can't understand why they had racks full with this coat for 29 euro's! Since it used to be 149,- Well, I'm a very happy girl, since I wanted it from the first time I laid my eyes on this coat. And since winter is not over yet, it's a good addition to my wardrobe. I must admit that I haven't bought much lately; this cold is leaving me uninspired. Hope that will change soon! 
Well long weekend ahead of us: Easter! What are you going to do with your extra free time? 

I'm wearing:
Leopard Coat, Leather Leggings, Grey Tee: Zara
Scarf: H&M men
Sneakers: Converse

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New in: Here Comes The Sun



It's hard to believe that it's spring. But I have already bought some summer essentials! Budget style!
If you follow my instagram account (@amysfashionscrapbook) you could have seen my primark score (2 bags!) a few weeks ago. Well these are my first summer buys. And for the people out there who aren't (yet) a Primark fan, I'll show you the prices of these items:

Blue dress: € 6 | Bikini Bag: € 2,50 | Sunglasses: € 1,50 | 2 pairs of slippers: € 2,50 (yep for BOTH pairs)

Talking about a budget summer look! Well the only thing missing is the SUN!

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The Work-Out: Something New!

So I bet everybody has seen the crop-tops that are hitting the stores for SS13. And yes I hear you saying: "But I ain't wearing a crop-top". Yeah sure, but didn't you say the same thing about skinny jeans? And what are you wearing at this very moment? Yeah, point made!  So crop tops. This summer. That means: working out! Seriously: working-out.
You guys already know that I like to run. But running is not enough; one needs a full body work out. (But I still wanted to share the image above with you... cause it's true!)
I have tried two new classes over the last two weeks: Hot Yoga and Insane total body work-out.
Curious? Read on!

Hot Yoga
Two weeks ago I went to Yogacentrum Tilburg, just minutes from my home, to take a Hot Hatha yogaclass. I had done yoga a few times before, so I knew the basics. I was really curious to the "hot" aspect of the class. The thing is, you do regular yoga, but in a heated room. So I was wearing sweat shorts and a very light tanktop. I brought a big towel and a bottle of water, and waited patiently for the lesson to start. I was a little early, so I could adapt to the heat in the room. It actually made me quite sleepy. The room is heated in a clean way, just like sauna's are heated. The temperature was not too bad. I'm not sure how hot is was, but I read some articles about Bikram Yoga (the real Hot Yoga, some would say) and they do yoga at 38 degrees  Celsius. This surley wasn't 38 degrees. In the following 75 minutes we did basic yoga exercises, started with finding our inner balance, followed by some balancing exercises, and concluded with a ground routine.

I didn't find the exercises challenging, I found that a pitty. The thing is because of the heat you are really flexibel, and all of the exercises where quite easy for me (not to brag, but  when everybody was falling over, I was standing there in full balance, thinking why the F people were falling over...). The next day, I did feel my muscles, but I have that a lot lately. Because of the heat you sweat like a pig! It's a little uncomfortable at first, that you can smell everybody. You get so sweaty, that it's dripping all over your body. After the lesson I seriously looked like I fell in a lake, a very hot lake I might add.
I talked to the teacher afterwards, and he gave me  to do a more active Yoga class next, so I'm really curious for that. I liked to do yoga in the heat. The only downside is that I already have a  membership to a fitnessclub, and I'm running now, I don't really want to have a nother membership what I'm paying for every month.. (I'm mean... do you know how many pairs of shoes I could buy from that money in a year?!)
If you are looking for a good way to do yoga, without the chance of getting injured (because of the heat) and want to really sweat it out: this is the work-out for you!

Insane Total Body Work-out
So I'm a member at a fitnessclub. Since a few months they teach Insane. It's like a bootcamp, inspired by insanity and Nike Training Club (like the Iphone app). It's unlike any work-out I have ever done. If I hadn't done Hot Yoga the week before, this would have been the first time I had been sweating so much!
It's a 45 minutes work-out, but you'll feel it for days. And it's not for the untrained among us.

So we got our equipment and started in a high paced jog. It was then that I learned that this jogging would be my "rest" during the whole lesson. Okay, this was something different. I am a real interval person. Good at sprints, not a marathons. I know what my weak point is: breathing. Not that I did anything about it, and I was panting quite soon. My body wasn't tired at all, I just needed to get my breath back. It's the same thing with running: the breathing kills me! So that is my traininggoal for the nearby future.
Good breathing is vital for your muscles; that is why I can still feel them right now, even though the class was 3 days ago. Nothing to take pride in. Of course I did the whole class with full and total dedication.
It was great, we pumped weights, did jumping jacks, heaps of push-ups, burpees, jumps, and heaps of exercises that I can't remember anymore. Above all, the energy in the room was so good! Everybody was into it. The instructor was there to really motivate and push you, but did tell you to do your own work-out. She gave great advice (like: Breathe Amy...) so that was cool. Afterwards I felt to re-energized, so alive. I'm seriously a fan, without a doubt. I'm going back next week, but then I'll pay more attention to my breathing and I'll make sure my body is warm before I attend the class. The body is going to be in shape this summer, without a doubt!

Well I hope I have inspired you to go and take a class, or start running. You'll feel so great afterwards! 
Which work-out are you going to try? 

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Outfit: 9 Years of Love

IMG_0003 IMG_9998 IMG_0011

My laid-back look that I wore last Tuesday to cellebrate our 9th anniversay. Yeah, I'm quite the effort-maker. I even wore a skirt ;). Nah, the man and I decided that we would cellebrate it very laid-back and low key. We slept in, did brunch, went to a coffee place and ate pie, followed by a matinee viewing of Oz, the great and powerfull in Imax 3D. We had such a great time. I wore my zara skirt for the first time; it's a great addition to my wardrobe. I have looked for months, maybe even years for a good faux leather skirt. One that fits my hips and allows me to eat alot, and this one is perfect! But then again: the whole zara collection is perfect at the moment.

I'm wearing:
Faux leather skirt: Zara | Knit: Mango | Scarf: the Grey concept for H&M Divided | Boots: Zara | Bracelet: Lott Gioielli

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New in: Nike Town items

As I promised: my Nike Town purchases! Since I didn't have any natural light, I choose to get the images from Zalando (who still have both items in stock!). But this is what I got! A short; which is double layerd. It has a tight short underneath. So no embarrassing moments when I'm working out. 
Second I got this tie-dye kinda tight. It's extra good for the environment since it's made of plastic bottles! But I just like the look and feel of the pants; the eco-part comes second for me. Both items I got on sale; which I was so happy about! 
Well now I can Run In Style again (And of course: body pump, spinning, insane etc etc...)

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Photo's by Nike/Zalando collage by me


Diary: Hip & Happening Berlin


So, I haven't been blogging much, so what was I doing? I was in Berlin baby! Hip & Happening Berlin.
Every year the man and I take a little trip in the second week in March to cellebrate our anniversay. Well technically our anniversary is tomorrow: 9 years together! Can't imagine life without him; can't even remember my life before Matt. Well enough on the sloppy details. Berlin!
I love this city. I did have to get used to it; it is so cold, icey snow everywhere, and most of the buildings are just concrete boxes. But the fashion, creative vibe, streetstyle, artwork are Hip & Happening.

So what are you looking at?
- The bearth taking Hollocast memorial; it's flabbergasting
- From where I stand; both wearing Adidas kicks
- The Branderbuger Tor; another breath taking site, it's so big!
- Street art at RAW (make sure you check out RAW in , guessing it'll be a vibrante creative mess in summer)


- Nike Town purchases! Yeah, Nike Town is HUGE! I had a field day! All the limited edition tights, tops and shorts (that are not available, or sold out in 10 minutes in the Netherlands) were on sale! Yeah ON SALE! I tried on half the store. I'll show you what I bought later on this week.
- Chai Latte; yep I drank a lot of them, multiple a day! This is the first city where you can get a Chai Latte in every cafe or snackplace. I'm loving it!
- I have always been a big big fan of Andy Warhol; so on my last day in Berlin I visited the Hamburger Bahnhof museum . I love contemporary art, so this is the museum for me. I saw a great installation of Martin Honert, which is on display till the 7th of April. If you have the chance go and see it, it's worth it. Above all this massive painting of Mao by Warhol is a must see! It is as big as my house! (and my house is quite big..)
- On my way home.... waiting, waiting, waiting, to finally board the plane.

Some tips:
- All the shops (even MacDonalds!) are closed on a Sunday; I'm not kiddin'. Make sure you plan you shopping spree on another day. The shops in the main shopping area are open till 20h every night (except Sunday that is)
- Berlin is colder then the Netherlands; don't forget that! Beanie's, gloves, snowboots, ski jackets, even ski pants, it's all on the streets. Indoors it's very warm, every shop or bar has the heating on HIGH! So layer up.
- Berlin is BIG! Make sure you get a metro-card to get to all the good places! The Ku'dam is nice, but don't spend more then 2h there, there are much better places to spend your time and money (e.g. friedrichshain)
- Berlin is quite cheap for a European Capital.
- My geuss is that Berlin will be even more vibrant in Summer. So I'm planning to go back there when the temperatures are up :)

Well these are my tips on Berlin for now. Expect to see my shoplog on what I got at Nike town very soon.
You can see more pics of my trip on instagram! (@amysfashionscrapbook)
Or see my post about London from December here!

Have a good week!

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Photo's and collage by me


Men: H&M for Brick Lane Bikes


I have been so so busy; it is kinda sick actually. On the upside I'm working less, for the time being, but I just simply have too much hobbies or too much to do. Well that is a story for my next diay post.
I prepaired this post a few days ago; H&M for Brick Lane men collection. Another H&M collection for men which I totally adore. Guessing if should become a tomboy even more an switch over to men clothing? Or is men clothing getting a little female inspired? Or am I just distracted, since I can't buy anything at the moment?

Well; in the collage are my favorite ensembles of the new collection. I love the cycling inspired top on the first photo. It's a wool blend, with a lovely texture. In the second pic I love the jacket; the detailing is great. My absolute fav is the quilted shirt in the last photo. So gonna get it for my man. Have been searching for a demin quilted shirt for him for ages!

What is your opinion on trhe H&M for Brick Lane Collection?

ps: I'm leaving for Berlin quite soon; I would love to hear any tips you guys have for me!

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Photo's by H&M collage by me


Outfit: Belated Snow Storm

IMG_9943 IMG_9942 IMG_9955 IMG_9947

Typical: it's the first day of real sun and +15 degrees in the Netherlands, and I have a snow-storm outfit to show you! I have been so busy that I didn't have the time to post these; so I'm doing this now before work. 
These pics where shot over a week ago, when the snow came back. I wore this freezing outfit. Safe to say that I didn't leave the house after these pics where shot! 
By the way I got this dress in London, when I was shopping there last Christmas. What a steal for 7 pounds! The skull has some much detailing! Can't believe it took me 3 months to finally wear it!

Hope you have a chance to enjoy the sunny weather today!

I'm wearing:
Skull dip-end dress: Primark | Cardigan: Ichi | Leather Jacket: Trish Summerville Dragon tattoo for H&M | Boots: Zara | Beanie: H&M men | Half Gloves: H&M 

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Diary: Busy Times

Iphone Amy7

February flew by! I have been so busy at work, and my weekends are jam-packed. That last thing is a good thing though. But because of that I spend today sleeping and watching re-runs of my favorite police series (yup, I'm a geek...) But that was today. What have I been uptoo the last two weeks?
- I have been making new plans for the blog and a little business, more on that later. This little notebook is now my partner in crime.
- Asos got brougth me something new! (Which you can see here!)
- New baking stuff from the Ikea. I went there to get new stuff for the house; in which we finally succeeded!
- My new bracelet from Brandy & Melville (You should check that store out!)

Iphone Amy8

My second week; it was even more busy.
- Drinking rice-milk. If you follow me on instagram you'll know that I try to eat nerdly healthy; so this a next step in that. (by the way: I still drink a lot of beer on the weekends)
- Moving day! This week my work moved to a new office. It's so weird to leave the place where I have spend 40+ hours a week for the last 2 years.
- The day after moving day, I had a whole day of process en project stuff with the big projectteam of all the companies involved. I love those kinds of days; this is my kind of thing.
- After this busy busy week, in which I worked too many hours, I thougth I deserved this jacket. So on my way home, just before the shop closed, I ran in and grabbed it. One happy girl! (esspecially when you see the price, it's friking cashmere!!)

Well I didn't have that many pics to choose from; all because of my busy lifestyle. But hye: there is just too many cool things to do in life :).
Speaking of that, I'm gonna get ready for  nice party. And tomorrow I'm off to Amsterdam.

Have you got some nice things planned?

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Photo's and collage by me
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