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EN// As you could read on my facebook page: this weekend is all about packing for the Rock Werchter festival which starts this Thursday. Since I have been going to festivals for quite some time now (the first one was in 2004) I think I have mastered the packinglist by now. I do confess: I'm a luxury festival-camper. I go by car, and take a sh*tload of stuff with me. 
While I was typing this list in Dutch for my personal use, I thought it could be handy for you guys if you are attending a festival for the first time. So my packing list is posted down here, in Dutch. You can translate it via Google Translate. Since there we so many English lists around, I thought I might contribute for all the Dutch speaking peeps. 

NL// Zoals je hebt kunnen lezen op mijn facebook pagina staat dit weekend in het teken van inpakken voor Rock Werchter voor aankomend weekend. Omdat ik al naar best wat festivals ben geweest (mijn eerste was in 2004) ben ik van mening dat ik wel een vrij goede festival paklijst kan samenstellen. Nu is dat wel heel persoonlijk, en ben ik wel een luxe festival ganger. Ik ga met de auto en neem ontzettend veel zooi mee. Dat was in 2004 wel anders toen ik met 1 rugzak met de trein naar Werchter ging. Aangezien ik voor mezelf mijn lijst aan het typen was, dacht ik dat ik hem net zo goed kan delen hier op mijn blog. Misschien zijn er nog wel mensen onder jullie die voor het eerst naar een festival gaan, dan heb je zo een idee waar je allemaal aan kunt denken. 
ps: Als je met een (grote) groep gaat is het ook top een partytent mee te nemen, houd er alleen wel rekening mee dat ie het festival waarschijnlijk niet gaat overleven.... Mijn (geleende!) partytent heeft het nog geen 24h volgehouden 3 jaar geleden.... Overigens is een steekkarretje om op en neer te lopen naar de auto ook slim om te regelen! 

Festival Paklijst

Op de camping
  • Tent
  • Backpack
  • Slaapzak
  • Luchtbed
  • Ducttape
  • Touw
  • Zakmes
  • Schaar
  • (Post)elastieken (altijd handig)
  • Wasknijpers (om je handdoek te drogen aan de scheerlijnen)
  • Grondzeil
  • Campingstoel
  • Koelbox met elementen (ingevroren pakken sap kan ook)
  • Plastic borden
  • Plastic bekers
  • Slippers voor op de camping
  • Vuilniszakken (minimaal 1 rol, voor natte spullen, nood regenjas, etc)
  • Zaklamp
  • Campinglamp
  • Reserve batterijen voor de lampen
  • Fleece deken
Persoonlijke verzorging
  • Pleisters
  • Blaarpleisters
  • Jodium
  • Nestosyl
  • HygiĆ«nische doekjes voor je handen
  • Intiem doekjes
  • Papieren zakdoekjes
  • Droogshampoo
  • Verkoelende voetspray
  • Handwasgel
  • Douchegel en deo (mini)
  • Oordoppen
  • Zonnebrand (+ mini voor in handtas)
  • Lippenbalsem met factor
  • Wegwerp washandjes 4x
  • Microfiber handdoek 2x
  • Wc papier (2 rollen)
  • Houdbaar eten zoals sultana, muesli repen, knakworsten, chips
  • Bier (in blik)
  • Flessen water
  • Fruitsap (ontbijt) 
  • Laarzen
  • Festival schoeisel (minimaal 2 paar)
  • Voldoende schone sokken en ondergoed
  • Warme pyama
  • Dikke trui
  • Leggings voor onder korte broeken/rokjes ('s avonds)
  • Shirtjes
Op de weide
  • Tickets
  • ID kaart
  • Bankpas
  • Contant geld
  • Drankmunten
  • Tasje (met portemonnee, telefoon, en alle andere belangrijke spullen)
  • 3fm kleedje (verkrijgbaar op Pinkpop e.d.) voor op de weide
  • Rugzak voor op de weide (bij voorkeur met vriendje om hem de hele dag te dragen)

Als je nog tips voor mij hebt, hoor ik die natuurlijk ook graag! 


Beauty: The Budget Option

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A few weeks ago I told you all about my new Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which I received for my birthday. The fact is that I would never spend that kind of money on a beauty product myself, so I was on the hunt for the budget option for Catrice. Since I had read on a blog about this Nude Palette I really needed to get my hands on one of these. Of course I wasn't the only one, so I found myself empty handed every time. Since I got the Urban Decay palette for my birthday I wasn't really looking for the Catrice one anymore, of course that was moment I casually bumped into it. I actually needed to think about it for a moment, would I actually use this budget palette? Well I got it anyway, and I'm very glad I did. 
As you can see in photo 3 the colours are identical with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. The quality is a little less. You need much more product to create the same intense look. I bought this palette for my all day nude/smokey-eye look. I seem to use it everyday when I go to work, just because I'm too lazy to get my Urban Decay Palette. Also I mean to take it with me on holiday, I would want to drop my big palette. 

So in my opinion the Catrice Nude Palete is a good investment when you find the Urban Decay palette too expensive. Do note that you'll need much more product to create an intense look. Also the texture is not as smooth as the Urban Decay eyeshadow, but in price you still have a very good product! 

Catrice Nude Palette €4,99 (Kruidvat)
Urban Decay Naked 2 €42,30 (Beautybay)

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Diary: Best Kept Secret Festival 2013

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First festival of  my Summer Festival Marathon. I had a blast!
Best Kept Secret festival is very different to all the other festivals, it has less main stream bands, is cozy and intimate, serves good food (like seriously quality food! Which does mean that you need to budget a little more than you usually would) clean toilets (with toilet paper!!), a very clean festival ground, due to deposits on the beercups and staff that was cleaning the fields all day. The location was so idyllic, on the beach at a big lake, surrounded by woods. In the woods was a little Etsy market, and lots of swings and benches made out of wood, tree trunks and branches. The music was diverse en very good! This Indy festival had some great headliners: Damien Rice, Sigur Ros, Artic Monkeys to name a few. Also some hip hop acts and dj's where present. Also the stages (the festival had 3 stages and 1 dj booth area)  were all very different, which meant that the stages and tents suited the performing bands perfectly. Big rock bands on the main stage (Stage one) and acts like little sweet Anges Obel were in the tent, whereas more electronic music was at stage 3, which had a futuristic vibe to it. Some acts could have been programmed differently, and the stage in the tent (Stage two) should have been mad a few meters higher, or should have had videowalls.
But other then that this festival was great, specially for a first time! The music festival market in Europe is quite large, but I think Best Kept Secret is a valuable addition to summer festival calender. And I'm not just saying this because I live just a 20 minute bike-ride away.
Well: on with the marathon!! Next stop: Festival Mundial!

Well let's talk pictures:
Sitting on the festival ground with a beer, wearing gumboots due to the rain / Standing frontrow at NO! / wearing gumboots while my brother was wearing all stars... anyhow: festival footwear! / Me and my friend Marloes on the first festival day! 
The man and me going crazy 'cause of all the rain, standing in a bar-tent again, for some shelter / More festival beers / My lovely brother and me. Aren't we cute? 

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Order: Converse All Stars

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Oops, I've done it again. For somebody who doesn't buys shoes often I'm on a roll! Buying sneakers and more sneakers, which I can't wear to the office.... smart huh?
Well... I just clicked these all stars home, since they were so cheap, I couldn't restrain myself. They are just over 31 euros, that's such a good deal. There are also two other pairs of shoes coming my way, from the zara sale (something totally different). So stay tuned for that.

Sorry for the lack of updates by the way. I have been to the Best Kept Secret festival last weekend, and I kinda of underestimated how tired I would be. I really thougth that I would be blogging in the morning before leaving for the festival each day (yeah, I slept at home, since it was just a 20 minute bike ride away). Well more on the festival later this weekend.

In the mean time: you can find these Converse All Star Black Star Print Ox Trainers here

Happy Monday! 

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Outfit: Going Out

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Something different! Yes I can wear something else then just sneakers, leggings and sweats. 
This is what I was wearing to celebrate the 35th wedding anniversary of my parents in law. 
I finnaly found the zara skort in black, knowing the popular white one was not for me. Combined with the cow-printed H&M trend top and strappy heels, I was good to go. What I love about the skort is that it has the elegance of a skirt, but you don't to think about how you sit 'cause it's still a short. No embarrassing moments! 

As we speak I'm getting ready for my first festival in the season: Best Kept Secret! The rain is pouring down... so gumboots it is...
Happy Friday! 

I'm wearing:
Cow-printed top: H&M Trend | Skort: Zara | Strappy heels: Zara | Clutch: Vlieger & Vandam | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Bangle: Fashionology

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Inspiration: Music Festivals 2013

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An annual topic on my blog: Music Festivals! I absolutely adore them... I'm serious when I say I wouldn't mind living in a music festival forever! This weekend we kick off festival season with Best Kept Secret festival followed by Festival Mundial, Rock Werchter (my absolute high light!!) and we finish of with Bospop. I have al ready been stocking up on shorts, tee's and tanks. Downside is that the weatherforcasts absolutely suck for this weekend. So I'll be wearing leggings, knits, gumboots and rain poncho's....

Are you attending any festivals during the summer?

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Outfit: Summer Days

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Last week the weather was so goood! So another summer outfit. This is my fav Saturday ensemble; I was out and about shopping for a BBQ-party I was throwing and running errands in town. Just basic, simple and easy.

I'm wearing:
Printed tee: Diesel | Leather Shorts: Vintage/Episode | Flipflops: Havaianas | Sunnies: America Today

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Inspiration: Here's To Never Growing Up!

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Confession time! Yes again: I used to be such a great fan of Avril Lavigne! I was so in love with a s8ter boi, and it was so Complicated. Over the years my style matured (or did it?) so I lost track of sweet Avril.
Recently I discovered her latest single: "here's to never growing up". I totally like here outfit which she is wearing in the classroom. The leather leggings, all stitched up, the Radiohead Tee (love Radiohead... yep maturing all right!) the leather jacket, her hair. The outfit is so great. Please let us forget the S8kter Boi pants, we want to see this Avril!

It took some time to find pics of outfit. The pic above gives a good representation of what she is wearing. Or you watch the video below.


Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs
With the boom box blaring as we're falling in love
I got a bottle of whatever, but it's getting us drunk
Singing, here's to never growing up

What's your opinion? Avril's outfit: Yay or Nay? 

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Outfit: The first of Summer

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The first of summer, although that's how that day felt! This is what I was wearing last Friday. I spend the day at the lake with my man. In the eve we had dinner at my parents house, 'cause we needed to go visit my grandad in the hospital with our family. Thank god he is alright by the way. I choose to wear something flowery and summery since there is a lot of unhappiness at the hospital (well, not in the baby-birth section.... but I wasn't visiting that department). 
The skirt I'm wearing was my best sale-buy last season. Curious what this sale season will bring! 

Enjoy your week! 

I'm wearing: 
Sleeveless Jacket: H&M | Tee: Primark | Skirt: Zara | Sandals: Pull 'n Bear | Bag: H&M | Necklace & Bracelet: Fashionology

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Today: Sunbathing Sunday

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Today in a nutshell! I went sunbathing and swimming at the lake with some friends. I actually thought today's weather wasn't that good.... boy was I wrong! The sun was hot, the people were great, I had an amazing time. 

Bikini: H&M 
Nail polish: Catrice

Enjoy your Sunday eve!

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Photo: by me


New in: Shoe Closet

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Al most a year ago my man and I bought a house. My plan was to work very hard and have it perfect before winter 2012 hit us. Well, that didn't happen. We have our key now nearly a year, but still our list with jobs around the house is endless. One of the urgent items on the list was: shoe closet. Since my shoes were everywhere! I didn't really know how to store them, cause regular shoe racks and closets were too small. I googled and found that a lot of bloggers such bookcases. Such a good idea. So few weeks ago I went to the Ikea, got this cheap-ass Billy cupboard, and tadaa: Shoe closet! Thing is, this one bookcase is actually too small for all my shoes. (by the way I have seen bloggers with at least 3 of these bookcases next to each other!) Since I still have room under my bed and in my closet it will be fine; and I really need to throw out some shoes. I hope to end up with just this one shoecloset, stacked with my favorite shoes.
While I was at it, I thought it would be nice to show you some more of my bedroom. It just very white, light and basic. I'm working on a big piece of wall art (not that i'm so arty... but it's a little bit of prefab art, and a some simple adjustments on my behalf... will show it when it's done!) for above the bed, and then this room is done. I choose not too bother you with my actual closet, since it's just big, made of wood and very practical

Well hope you like the sneak peek into my house. You have already seen some parts of the kitchen (here and here) on the blog before. What do you think about my new shoe closet?

Have a lovely weekend!

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Outfit: Lovely Whites

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Spring has sprung! Finally! So I choose to celebrate that little fact with a white outfit. Almost white that is.
I enjoy the warmer weather, only hard part is what to wear to the office? Since it is still cold in the morning when I go to work. Layering up works well for me, but it's always a hassle. Not that I'm complaining do, I love the sun and this weather! Can't wait for the weekend, have some nice plans! But let's first get through this week...., it's a very busy week for me, so I'm a little off my game. And since my ankle has put me way out of running, I have to start all over with baby steps. Anyone keen to join me? Since I'm slacking big time now. Well, enjoy your week! And I'll promise to post a more cheerful story then.

I'm wearing:
Blazer: Zara | Leopard Jeans: H&M | Tee: Zara | Sneakers: Nike Dunk Sky High | Necklace: Lott Gioielli

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New in: Bikini Days Are Coming!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah baby! The forecasts are great for the Netherlands! It's going to be sunny and hot! 
I bought these bikini's a few weeks ago, not showing them to you guys just yet. 
For this summer I choose for strapless, which is kinda a usual suspect for me. I mean, when there is actual advantage to a small bust, you must exploit it. This year I choose for a fringe bikini, I love the ombre colours and the fringe of course. I do however have the feeling that I walking around in a my own version of the 1001 nights (or the Fata Morgana in the Efteling, for all you Dutchies out  there). The other bikin is just a simpel basic bikini, which I got on sale. I was aiming for it's colourfull sister a few months ago (see here) but the pale colour and the big black waist was not my cup of tea, this basic brother is a good edition for endless tanning on Ibiza (oh yes I am!).

Bikini's both from H&M

Well I wanna go swimming & tanning on Friday... who is joining me?? :)

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Overview: 2nd year of Amy's Fashion Scrapbook

What I wore since my last blog birthday!
in 2012
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In the first 5 months of 2013:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I'm really turning this blog in a lifestyle blog... but I can't imagine stopping with outfit posts, I just enjoy that too much. Although it's a big hassle when you work full time and you always need daylight and a photographer. 

What else happend this year?
- I attended my first blogger PR event
- I was featured for streetstyle in a Dutch Newspaper
- I was featured on We like fashion.com 
- I met some amazing people! Such a Jenny from RocknRollerr
- Had a great photoshoot with Evelien from fotografille
- I ran my first 13k run!
- I bought my first Wang Bag!
- I started blogging for Tilburg.com. 
- I bought a house..... and many other great stuff happend!

So what is your favorite outfit of this past blogging year?

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Photo's: by My life as Matt except last photo: by Evelien Oerlemans / Fotografille


Happy Blog Birthday #2

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow another year has gone by! I'm in a big hurry today so I'll spend more time later today or tomorrow going over this last spectacular year that I have experienced! 
Most important: Thank you! My readers for coming by, posting comments here or on my facebook page or in my mailbox. I really appreciate it. 

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