Outfit: Get down on Saturday Night


Satuday night I went to a party of a friend of mine, who reached the big 3-0!
We had a great time; drank beers till the early morning.
This is what I was wearing; simple and easy.
The blue dress is actually a t-shirt that I bought 2 sizes bigger. I like the careless effect that it has.

I'm wearing:
Oversized t-shirt: Bershka | Dress: H&M | Tights: H&M | Leather bracelets: H&M men | Silver bracelets: Fashionolgy / V&D

Photo's: MG


Behind the scenes: Working on my blog

I have been working very hard to make-over my blog!
In the past few weeks I have bought a new camera; you may have noticed that the quality of the photo's have improved (if not; please send me tips and suggestions!)

Today my brother and I have worked hard on my new banner!
Do you like it?
Actually my brother deserves all the credit, since he did all of the design work!
We made a few, and I can't choose! So chances are that I will change it regularly.
I leave you with a few "behind the scenes" shots, and of course a pic of my new banner!

Photo's: by me

Outfit: Guess who's back!

I have been on holiday to Greece! Did you miss me?
Well can't imagine since I prepared a whole bunch of blogitems that posted automatically during my holiday.
I had a nice and relaxing holiday; expect a few outfit posts in de next couple of days.
I leave you with one of the most simple holiday outfit's; this is what I wore the first day.

I'm wearing:
Skirt: Angel Age | Top: Angel Age | Flip Flops: Rip Curl | Grey bag: H&M

Photo's: MG


Inspiration: Maison Scotch

I love Maison Scotch!
For this post I have selected my favorite photo's from the new Maison Scotch Campaign.
I really want the jacket form the first photo, and the scarf with the stars from the sixth photo.
If you want to see the whole collection, look here
Do like their new collection?

Photo's: Maison Scotch


Outfit: Summer in the City

This summer in the Netherlands is not like the summers we are used to.
So the few sunrays and high temperatures are cherished!
I was wearing my favorite demin shorts; if the temperatures would let me, I would literary live in these shorts!
I combined it with a light blouse and some flip flops; Grab your sunnies and off you go!

I'm wearing:
Checked Blouse: Ambercrombie & Fitch | Boyfriend Denim Shorts: H&M trend | Sunnies: Ray Ban | Silver Belt: ZARA

Photo's: MG


Outfit: Black 'n Grey

Finally wearing my black jumpsuit for the first time; it is so comfortable!
Paired it up with my peep-toe heels, and a grey frill scarf.
In these pictures we used a new lens; can you tell the difference?

I'm wearing:
Black jumpsuit: H&M | Grey peep-toe heels: ASOS | Grey Scarf: a gift | Grey bag: ZARA

Photo's: MG


Inspiration: Free as a bird

I love festivals
I love festival outfits
While looking at festivalphoto's found this one, love this tatoo!
Maybe one day... really maybe... I'll have something like this one... Free as a bird!


What I was wearing: Blue Sunday

Hope you all had a relaxed weekend!
This is what I was wearing yesterday afternoon while visting my parents.
A very simple and easy outfit; which I like all my outfits to be in the weekend!
We just went to chill and have dinner together with my family.

I was wearing:
Blue pants: Zara | Grey striped top: Bershka | Grey printed sneakers: Converse All Stars

Photo's: MG


Weekend Inspiration

I love this combination; the simple white top, and short black basic skirt combined with the see-through long skirt.
It looks so effortless; but is yet so stylisch!

What do you think?

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle


What I was wearing on Windy Wednesday

Another "What to wear to the office"-post.
As you can see, there is still no sign of summer in the Netherlands!
I love this silk blouse; the fabric is so rich, smooth and cool.
Today I combined the blouse with simple waxed skinny trousers, and my fav grey high heels.

I'm wearing:
Silk blouse: Dept Demin Department | Skinny trousers: H&M | Heels: Invito

Photo's: MG


New order: Skull & Cross

I have just orderd two new bracelets from fashionology
I can't wait to receive them.
While making this post I just realized that the last time I orderd from fashionology (read that post here) I also orderd bracelets with crosses and skulls; I'm sensing a new trend in my style!


What I was wearing: day at the Efteling

A very quick outfit post.
Yesterday I went to the Efteling (which is an amusment parc).
Had a terrific day with the bf.

I was wearing:
Boyfriend demin shorts: H&M trend | Tights: H&M trend | Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch | T-shirt: Bershka | Shoes: Nike | Scarf: H&M trend | Handbag: H&M trend

Photo's: by MG


Outfit: Smells like teen spirit

What I was wearing after work yesterday.
Easy, comfy, and very teen spirited!
The last photo is me goofing around during the shoot ;)
The weather was really good during the day; but in the evening it started raining very hard;
so another indoor shoot!

I was wearing:
Demin Blouse: New Yorker | Nirvana Tanktop: H&M trend | Bodycon skirt: H&M | Shoes: very old Converse All Stars | Bracelets: Fashionology & V&D | Necklace: H&M | Ring: ASOS

Photo's: by MG


What I was wearing: in the woods

Yesterday was a sticky hot and rainy day;
So I went for a simple, light but grey outfit. To match the weather!
Wearing a tunic that I found in the back of my wardrobe; I should really have a better look at what I already have hanging in wardrobe. Expect more posts of little rediscoveries!

I almost forgot: This is my first outfit post with my ombre hair! Well in these pictures you can't see it at all! I have the highlights put in very high, but halfway my hair you can see the ombre effect. Use a flash in a photo and you only see the highlight's in my hair. Well; my hair is work in progess, the ombre will be more noticable over the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

I was wearing: Tunic: ZARA | Leggings: H&M | Sandals: de Bijenkorf Collection | Nailpolisch: Bye Bye Birdy - Catrice | Belt: H&M | Bracelet: Loft

Photo's: by MG
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