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It was kinda hard to take good pictures of some shopping I did. The weather is so grey outside that taking outfit pictures is out of the question to start with. Well back to the new items.
I have been budget shopping, since I have some expensive months ahead (more on that later). I visited a sample sale of Dept (& J.C. Rags for the men among us) last week. I scored some nice items, and also the boy found some nice stuff. Last weekend I did somemore budget shopping at Primark (as you could read here) and an Outlet of chain store The Sting. Scored some pretty cool stuff, but the prices of the items were more amazing! I like!

Well; in this post some of the colourfull stuff I scored:
1- Denims! Jegging, Grey Tie Dye & Neon Peach: Dept Denim Department. Pink Tie Dye: Primark
2 - Tee's & Scarf from Primark

I bought much more stuff (quite a lot though!) but I'll leave some surprises for upcoming outfit posts!
I have another sample sale in my agenda for the upcoming week, and after that we wait for the sale!
(And next year I hope to be buying more expensive stuff though... but in the mean time I'm managing quite alright!).

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  1. Je spullen van dept zijn coll! Vooral de neon short!


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