Outfit: I'm a Geek

The readers who follow me on instagram (@amysfashionscrapbook) had already seen that this lovely Geek shirt was lying under my christmas tree! I had  such a blast, and got spoiled big time! I'm still meaning to do a christmas gift post; but as you may have noticed: my mind has been on other things then blogging! I finally have a vacatione from work, which means that I'm running around doing all the stuff I should have done in the past year. Like switch my health insurance before the bell tolls midnight on new years eve... work on my house. I even crawled under my house yesterday, I mean: this house ownership is getting some good dedication out of me. Yes, I know: I sound like a Geek at the moment, hence the shirt.
I have heaps of inspiration for new posts, just no time to make it all. Stay tuned though, I promise to make some of my idea's work!

ps: did you read my post about the sale? (here) How are you getting on? Curious te see what you scored in the sale!

I'm wearing:
Geek tee: Topshop | Necklace: H&M | Printed Jeans: H&M

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Photo: by My life as Matt


  1. Hele mooie outfit. Ik vind je haar erg mooi! <3
    Ik wil je alvast een heel gezond en gelukkig Nieuwjaar wensen. XX

  2. Heel gaaf shirt! FashionGeek :)



  3. Leuk shirt!!! En de ketting erbij is ook nice!


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