Diary: All About March

Diary maart 1

That I'm no good with structure is a fact, this month I didn't post my diary posts every two weeks, like I was supposed to. So on now I'll give you a massive diary post on the whole month. Except for Berlin, because you've already seen that here!

Well the first week of March:
- It started great: shopping at the Primark! With my partner in crime Lieke!
- No I didn't turn 2 years old, I did however celebrate my 2 years at Reversz (the company where I work...) this month. Got this card from my co-worker, sweet!
- Yep, on the only day with great weather I ran; I did good!
- I did some baking! Yummy!

Diary maart 2

In the second week of March
- I went to the HEMA musical (Hema is a typical Dutch shop). It was so funny, since I used to work there for 6 years when I was still studying. The time frame of the musical was set in the time when I used to work there, so that was extra cool.
- It snowed even more this month... I'm getting depressed about this cold!
- I traveled to Berlin, more about that here!
- I received these great bracelets from SOYL, more about this on the blog soon!

Diary maart 3

In the third week:
- the man & I celebrated our 9th anniversary together. We went to movies.
- I made quiche for dinner, yummy!
- detail of one of my outfits. See it here!
- preparing blog posts; me in action!

Diary maart 4

This last week of March
- I was kinda under the weather, so when I finally had some energy I went to the city and got these cute rings.
- Easter brunch part 1!
- Easter brunch part 2; yeah my mum still makes me go egg hunting (I'm turning 29 this month.... seriously)
- Running! I went on run, but I wasn't better yet, so it kinda sucked. Well I lapped everybody who stayed on the couch... that is a fact. And I'm doing a challenge in April, from Girlslove2run, but more about that later.

Well this was the great March Diary post. Hope April will give us better weather, so I can run more often, won't get sick. And of course my B-day is coming up; so bring on April!

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Photo's and collage by me


  1. Leuk!!

  2. Belated congratulations of the anniversary!
    Thumbs up for running outside, I cannot drag myself out of the house, so I'm abusing my elliptical machine.


  3. Anonymous2/4/13 22:50

    Lovely pictures! But the best is the food part :-P

    ALDO GIVEAWAY is up on my blog, don't miss the chance to win an amazing CLUTCH:

  4. De HEMA musical, dat klinkt echt zo grappig!




    Ps: Enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win one of the two By Cleo statement necklaces!

  5. Zie ik daar een liebeskind tas haha? Ik ben nog steeds blij met de mijne <3
    Vond het zo leuk om je te ontmoeten gister! Ik weet niet of ik heel lang was gebleven als jij er niet was haha


  6. Leuke diary! HEMA de musical, wat leuk. xxx

  7. De HEMA musical lijkt me zo leuk! :P

    Leuk dat je er gisteren ook was bij CreamPR :)



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