Instadiary: Catching up

I'm back! You guys who follow me on facebook already know that I'm haveing some problems with blogger. Well I have seemed to work my way round that; but safe to say that I must take some serious time to work on my blog. Maybe move the whole thing? Let me know your thoughts on that!
In the mean time: this is what I have been upto the last few  weeks! Make sure to follow me on instagram: @amysfashionscrapbook for that sneak peek intoo my very fashionable life ;)

1: My new home / wearing my wang / new skull
2: Breakfast / What's in the box? / Perfection!
3: My new toy! / home made (by me!) scones / New outfit from Asos

Have a good night!

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Photo's: by me (Ipad 2 & Iphone 4s)


  1. Nice! Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe outfit! Hopelijk met het Asos outfit en H&M schoenen!

    1. de outfit met de asos items is al geschoten; alleen niet met m'n nieuwe shooentjes nee! Komt er aan! hahah Omdat m'n blog niet meer werkte had ik geen foto's meer gemaakt; want ik dacht dat het heel lastig zou om het op te lossen. Niet dus! :)

  2. i love love love love love your nieuw sweater!
    i've found your blog by the website fashionfollow, and, i realy realy like it out here! you have such a great own style, witch inspires me a lot!

    i'm writing a blog by my self to since a while, and i can still lern a lot. so, if you have the time i would ask you to just take a look, and tell me what you think! cant wait to hear your opinion! hihi.

    au revoir,

    liefs, laila.



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